Catching Up on Spring Football

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The Cards' run in the men's tournament is over, but that doesn't mean your spring has to be filled with doom and gloom. Coach Bobby Petrino and the Louisville football team are in the middle of the spring football season and there is plenty of good news to go around.

Would you like to know more about some of the new football coaches? Of course you would. Thankfully, UofL athletics' official website has you covered.

Meet Running Backs Coach Kolby Smith

Meet Defensive Tackles Coach L.D. Scott

Meet Wide Receivers Coach Lamar Thomas

Meet Cornerbacks Coach Terrell Buckley

Meet Safeties Coach Greg Brown

ESPN’s ACC writer Heather Dinich gives you her way-too-early upset watch for 2014 ACC Football. Louisville makes the list twice.

Louisville at Clemson, Oct. 11: This will be the toughest road game of the season for Louisville, an unforgiving welcome party in Death Valley. It will also be the second of back-to-back Atlantic Division road games for the Cardinals, but it will also be the fourth straight ACC game for Clemson. Both teams have to replace record-setting quarterbacks, but Clemson enters the season with the edge defensively. Can Louisville get it together by mid-season in time to make a statement on a national stage?

Florida State at Louisville, Thursday, Oct. 30, ESPN: Louisville will have homefield advantage and a nationally-televised audience for what will be one of their biggest games of the season. If Louisville is going to be taken seriously in the Atlantic Division race, it’s going to have to put up a fight against the top two teams in the division. Both teams will have a bye week to prepare for this one. If Louisville manages the upset in Death Valley, look out.

James Quick tells the Courier-Journals that he wants to emulate Cardinal legend Harry Douglas. UofLgrad07 tells everyone that he would be perfectly okay with that.

Tight Ends were one position group that had a prominent roles during Petrino's first stint at UofL, That fact has not been lost of Gerald Christian.

By now, you've probably heard about the decision from the Chicago district of the National Labor Relations Board that ruled that Northwestern football players qualify as employees of the university and can unionize. That ruling has left ADs in the ACC with a lot of questions and concerns. Tom, care to give us your thoughts?

Louisville AD Tom Jurich applauded the athletes for standing up for themselves, but questioned the logistics.

"It’s not just going to be football players," he said. "I’m a firm believer: If you’re going to pay athletes, you’re going to pay all the athletes. If you’re going to unionize, you unionize all the athletes. To me, there’s no difference between field hockey and football. Until that’s answered, I don’t even pay attention to it."

Louisville held its first spring scrimmage last Saturday. You can read a synopsis here. Mark Blakenbaker over at The Crunch Zone has several video interviews from the spring season as well.

Michaelee Harris auditioned for a career at ESPN by interviewing QB Will Gardner. I'd put it slightly above David Frost's conversations about Watergate with Richard Nixon. Okay, maybe it isn't at that level but you should still watch it.

There are 156 days left until football season. I thought about making a list of 156 reasons why that has me excited, but they'd all just end up being this photo.



Remember when Sebastian the Ibis and Louie the Cardinal (when did he stop just being called "the Cardinal Bird"?) got into a twitter war prior to the Russell Athletic Bowl? I want to see that happen again this summer.

The Early Birds at 790 KRD recently sat down with Coach Bobby Petrino. The interview starts at the 19:35 mark and you can catch a podcast of it here.

The Cardinals conducted their first major scrimmage on Saturday. The team ran 140 plays in the Trager Indoor Practice Facility. Coach Petrino, thoughts?

"I thought we got a lot done today. I was happy for the most part with the scrimmage. I thought it was very physical on both sides of the ball. We came out and worked hard. I was also happy with the way we conducted our business before the scrimmage, in the locker room, in the training room and in our clap session."

Care to listen to Bobby Petrino discuss practice instead? Then you should care to click here for the CardsTV link.

As always, practices are free and open to the public. Go Cards!


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