College Hoops Saturday: Full Television Schedule

Andy Lyons

Before we get to the TV schedule, I have to share the dream I had last night. Disclaimer: I swear on everything that I am not making any of this up.

Okay in this dream, DePaul beat Louisville in men's basketball, 45-44. For some reason, I watched the game on a tiny television in the old room my brothers shared at my parents house. Someone was changing in their old closet, but I have no idea what that was about. Anyway, the worst part of the dream was my fiance hysterically asking as the game was ending: "what are you going to do?!?" I thought about it for a second, and I really didn't know. It was like this giant portion of myself was disappearing, and the despair of knowing there was no way to get it back was setting in.

It was the most relieved I've ever felt to wake up from a nightmare. Not really, but I was happy to wake up.

Here's what we're watching today:

Morehead State at Eastern Kentucky, ESPNU, 11 a.m.

Southern New Hampshire at St. Anselm (N.H.), CBS Sports Net, 11:30 a.m.

Alabama at Florida, ESPN, noon

Butler at Georgetown, CBS, 1

Cleveland State at Wright State, ESPN2, 1

Nebraska at Northwestern, ESPNU, 1

Michigan at Iowa, ESPN, 2

Florida State at Maryland, ESPN2, 3

South Carolina at Tennessee, ESPNU, 3

Providence at Xavier, Fox Sports 1, 3

Navy at Army, CBS Sports Net, 4

West Virginia at Kansas, ESPN, 4

Saint Louis at La Salle, ESPN2, 5

Oregon at Arizona State, Fox Sports 1, 5

Purdue at Ohio State, BTN, 6

Boise State at Utah State, CBS Sports Net, 6

Duke at Boston College, ESPN, 6

Washington State at Utah, Pac-12, 6

Baylor at Oklahoma, ESPN2, 7

Cincinnati at Southern Methodist, ESPNU, 7:30

Virginia Commonwealth at Saint Joseph's, CBS Sports Net, 8

Rutgers at South Florida, ESPNews, 8

Indiana at Minnesota, BTN, 8:15

San Francisco at Brigham Young, BYUtv, 9

Gonzaga at Memphis, ESPN, 9

Wichita State at Northern Iowa, ESPN2, 9

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech, ESPNU, 9:30

UCLA at Southern California, Pac-12, 10:30

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