Fighting the Narrative of Senior Russ Smith



Much has been made of the national and media perception of Louisville's top ten all-time leading scorer and 2nd all-time leader in thefts of basketballs, Russ Smith. His critics would have you believe he is a reckless player who takes more shots than a frat-bro on a Friday night. Now, the BasedKing himself has said he doesn't care about what the media is saying about him. However, I think it's important that we defend the King of Louisville Basketball with, you know, logic and statistics.

I believe it was the legendary Coach John Wooden who once said, "I don't care about your words, all I see is numbers." (Wooden may not have ever said that.) So let's set aside all of the commentary about Russdiculous and focus on the statistics. To gauge how Russ ranks as a D-1 college basketball player I'm going to compare his stats through 26 games of his senior year to the stats of highly successful stats of players from recent years.

The following list contains former Naismith award winners, All-Americans, top 3 draft picks, and exclusively players drafted in the first round.

(All stats from the player's last season in college basketball)

(All stats are per game)

Russ Smith, Sr (26 games this year): Pts-17.8, FGA-13.1, FG%-.462, 3P%-.378, Rbs-3.4, A-4.5, TO-2.9, Stl-1.8.

Trey Burke, So (2012-2013): Pts-18.6, FGA-14.4, FG%-.463, 3P%-.384, Rbs-3.2, A-6.7, TO-2.2, Stl-1.6.

Victor Oladipo, Jr (2012-2013): Pts-13.6, FGA-8.4, FG%-.599, 3P%-.441, Rbs-6.3, A-2.1, TO-2.3, Stl-2.2.

Kemba Walker, Jr (2010-2011): Pts-23.5, FGA-18.0, FG%-.428, 3P%-.330, Rbs-5.4, A-4.5, TO-5.4 Stl-1.9.

Jimmer Fredette, Sr (2010-2011): Pts-28.9, FGA-20.7, FG%-.452, 3P%-.396, Rbs-3.4, A-4.3, TO-3.5, Stl-1.3.

John Wall, Fr (2009-2010): Pts-16.6, FGA-11.8, FG%-.461, 3P%-.325, Rbs-4.3, A-6.5, TO-4.0, Stl-1.8

(All stats courtesy of

So as we can see, our guy Russ Smith hangs with some of the best guards in the last 5 years.

Oh, and I didn't even mention his 2 Final Four trips, National Championship, and 2 Big East Tournament Chamionships.

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