Gettin' Buckets with David Levitch

Everyone, including Coach Pitino and the man himself, knows by now that David Levitch has the Louisville Cardinals at 13-0 in the games he plays. What you may not have realized is that David Levitch has the greatest two game field goal percentage streak in the history of Louisville basketball at 100%. Before we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of South Florida, let's bask in the glow of history.

All of the photos in this post are from Watch ESPN.



David waved off a screen so Louisville ran an iso for Levitch. They call Joe Johnson 'Iso Joe' but 'Iso Levo' should be a thing.


Because 'Iso Levo' toasts his man and the help defender to get a bucket in the paint. This basket is historic because it's the first two point field goal David Levitch ever made.


David Levitch entered the game and former NBA coach Eddie Jordan knew what kind of threat he was facing. That's why the first time Levitch went to the rim, he was guarded by 3 Knights.


Levitch back ironed the first free throw. After showing off his hair


To the world, the second was money.


Leaving the hand up like a boss.

With all the Rutgers attention focusing on him, David went airborne to drop a pass to Mathiang.


Getting other people chances at buckets.

The play of the night happened a minute or so later. After Rutgers clanked a free throw, Louisville had a break. You know David Levitch was going to call for the ball.


Because he was about to make it rain.


The bench loved it. Well, everyone but incredibly hard to please Andre McGee.


This guy loved it


Sorry for catching you with your eyes shut, other guy. Even David Levitch himself couldn't suppress a smile.


After noticing Louisville was a simple bucket away from 100, Levitch drove the lane while splitting defenders. He didn't need to look at Mangok for the pass, he just knew.


Unconfirmed that he yelled "Do the damn Mathiang," while making this pass.

The best part of LevitchMania is that he made Rick Pitino smile.


Never has a Cardinal been more fitting of wearing the number of Michael Jordan. The fact that Levitch's 2 game run into the history books was capped the day before Jordan's birthday is probably the best gift anyone has given Michael Jordan.

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