A Glance at former HCCS words '09-'13 explains my frustration with it all

12/9/2009 Only Gators blog

During his first address to the Louisville faithful, Strong first paused and then cried when asked by a reporter if he thought he would ever get the chance to be a head coach. "Because you just never knew if it would happen,"

10/27/2012 Pat Forde Yahoo Sports when CS name was being floated re: SEC openings

Jurich has taken extraordinary care of Strong. He gave the career assistant his first head-coaching job at age 49, then a year ago gave him a new seven-year deal with a raise from $1.6 million base salary to $2.3 million. He's shelled out good money for Strong's staff as well. For a guy who entered this season with a 14-12 record, Strong's been treated like royalty.

12/04/2012 Eric Crawford re: the Tennessee Job

"Kentucky can travel with the Big Blue Nation, they go take over," Strong said. "We should have that same passion here."

I haven't confirmed this yet, but apparently, U of L fans have responded by planning to return two-thirds of their allotment to next year's UK-U of L game in Lexington.

Strong came in saying he wasn't going to talk about coaching rumors, then talked about them for six or seven minutes. Something wasn't adding up. Then Strong said this, and everything started to make sense.

"I'm going to say this to you guys," Strong said. "I have no representative. Charlie Strong represents himself."

Boom. It all makes sense. You just have to listen closely.

All this crazy stuff that was said at the news conference on Monday, it wasn't Coach Charlie Strong talking. It was Representative Charlie Strong.

12/05/2012 Go Vols blog

Previous coaches, like John L. Smith and Bobby Petrino, had used Louisville as a stepping-stone job, but Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich said as early as October that the school was willing to make a large financial commitment to Strong if he would remain with the Cardinals.

"The ultimate decision will come down to does he want to be in Louisville or not?" Jurich told TV station WHAS. "Economically, fiscally, we can match anything anybody wants to do."

12/06/2012. The Examiner blog CS Press Conf comments when turned down the other UT

"When I thought about leaving, I kept going back," Strong said. "We haven't finished the job yet."

"I knew this was a big opportunity. But when I thought about all those people across Louisville I'd come across the past few years, as I talked with my family, it became crystal clear that I needed to stay," Strong said as his voice cracked throughout his morning speech.

"A lot of you guys grew up without a father figure and a lot of people have walked out of your life... I just couldn’t do that."couldn’t do that."


"We’re going to do everything within our power to keep anyone," Jurich said. "I was prepared to match anyone. Probably the only people I can’t compete with are the NFL."

"It’s all about, is your AD or your university providing you with every resource possible to be successful?" Strong said. "Tom Jurich will."

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