2014 January is the worst January Ever, Except for Every Other January

Andy Lyons

Doesn't it seem like we've had the worst January ever this year? We've lost 2 games. Both in January. We lost three in a row in January last year, but that was a fluke because that team was really really good and won a championship.

But, was that a fluke? Is the current team worse than any other Pitino team?

Every year, we lose 1-2 games before January and 2-3 games in January. We're always 17-4 or close to it going into February. It's uncanny. So, while it feels like it might be time to panic, it might not be time to panic. Or it might be time to panic. What do I know?


Before Jan: Duke

January: Georgetown, Syracuse, Villanova

Record on Feb 1: 17-4

Final Record: 35-5

Final Result: National Championship


Before Jan: Georgetown, UK

January: Notre Dame, Providence (by 65), Marquette

Record on Feb 1: 17-5

Final Record: 30-10

Final Result: Final Four


Before Jan: Drexel, UK

January: Villanova, Providence, Georgetown

Record on Feb 1: 17-5

Final Record: 25-10

Final Result: Can't remember


Before Jan: UNLV, Charlotte, Western Carolina

January: UK, Villanova, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall, West Virginia

Record on Feb 1: 12-8

Final Record: 20-13

Final Result: Lost in 1st round (Rak's breakout game, however)


Before Jan: WKU, Minnesota, UNLV

January: None

Record on Feb 1: 17-3

Final Record: 31-6

Final Result: Elite 8 (#1 overall seed)


Before Jan: BYU, Dayton, Purdue

January: Cincinnati, UCONN, Seton Hall

Record on Feb 1: 13-5

Final Record: 27-9

Final Result: Elite 8


Before Jan: Dayton, Arizona, UMass, UK

January: Notre Dame, Marquette

Record on Feb 1: 16-6

Final Record: 24-10

Final Result: 2nd round


Before Jan: UK

January: Villanova (X2), Pittsburgh, St. Johns, UCONN, Rutgers

Record on Feb 1: 14-7

Final Record: 21-13

Final Result: NIT Championship game


Before Jan: Iowa, UK

January: Houston

Record on Feb 1: 18-3

Final Record: 33-5

Final Result: Final Four

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