We are Coach Charlie Stong’s Insecure Girlfriend

As the inhabitants of the Ville wait to see what color smoke comes out of the Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex indicating if Tom Jurich needs to reconvene his 1-man search committee again, everyone involved on the U of L side (fans and Charlie) is showing a bad look.

With Charlie going into radio silence, Twitter is injecting code red level paranoia into the fanbase. It’s even bleeding out to the masses as evidenced by an encounter I had yesterday. I ran into a seventy-something female friend of my parents (who couldn’t find Twitter with a map and written instructions). The first words out of her mouth after hello were, "What do you think Charlie’s gonna do?"

This mindset led me to think about a recently uncomfortable situation a friend of mine had with his longterm girlfriend. He was out with a group of friends (male and female), but by chance was sitting next to a non-girlfriend female. Over the course of the evening, the boyfriend was apparently a little too charming, and the non-girlfriend was apparently a little too attentive to the boyfriend. His ride home and subsequent days were not fun with the actual girlfriend.

If girlfriends catch their significant others with mouths agape over Beyonce or Jennifer Lawrence, they shrug it off because A) they’ll never be in the same room with them and B) they wouldn’t know what to do if they were. However, an actual living, breathing perceived threat dials up the insecure-girlfriend meter (patent pending) to 10.

If Charlie is interested in Texas, our insecurities percolate. Are we not not pretty enough (weather/recruting base)? Are we not attentive enough (empty senior day seats)? You said you love me (Charlie’s "heart is with U of L"). I was there for you during your toughest times (no one would hire Charlie).

Maybe the fears of the insecure girlfriend are real, maybe they are not. However, as my friend can attest, there is no doubt about his annoyance with the insecure girlfriend since he never actually cheated on her.

We’d all love for Charlie to profess his love to U of L, but we can’t deny the fact that Texas is a great job with numerous built-in advantages to his current job. We can be secure knowing that just four year after his hiring, the head coaching position at the University of Louisville is light-years ahead of where it was. We can be secure knowing that if Charlie stays, we have an amazing coach.

On the flip side, we can be secure knowing that if Charlie were to leave, we have the best AD in the country making the hire, not an American Idol panel of donors.

We all know that waiting sucks, and patience is nowhere to be found on social media (insert Pitino microwave society GIF here). However, we should all just take a deep breath and relax. This train will keep rolling to the ACC, with or without Charlie, so let’s stop giving a damn about who is favoriting Charlie’s Twitter or liking his Facebook posts.

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