Where Will Teddy Go?

The first 20 picks in the NFL Draft order has been set and although things can change, none of the experts see Teddy being left on the board very long. I thought I would take the first 10 picks and give you my very uneducated guess as to where I think Mr. Bridgewater will be headed.

2014 NFL Draft order:

1. Texans--The Texans are in the process of hiring a new coach (probably going to be Bill O'Brien from Penn St.). The team needs help everywhere, and QB is a logical place to start.

2. Rams--Sam Bradford still has 2 years left on his contract and has done well (not great) in STL, if Teddy doesn't go #1 I think it is unlikely he goes here at #2. They also have two really good DEs, so Clowney might not be quite as appealing to them as most other teams. If for some reason, Clowney and Bridgewater were both available after Houston's pick, STL may trade the #2 pick (STL also has the #13 pick, the #2 pick was supposed to go to Washington but the Rams got it in a trade).

3. Jags--Neither Henne or Gabbert looked all that good last season, so Jacksonville would have to seriously consider going after Teddy.

4. Browns--Cleveland has to take a QB with this pick. As long as Teddy is the first QB taken, I can't imagine him going any later than #4.

5. Raiders--Oakland has Terrell Pryor for one more year, but if for some reason Bridgewater was still available at #5, i think the silver and black would have to take a long look.

6. Falcons--Matt Ryan signed a 5 year extension last season, so if Teddy is available here they would likely pass (or trade their pick). Sorry for everyone that was rooting for a Bridgewater to Harry Douglas TD pass.

7. Bucs--Mike Glennon (rookie from NC State) stepped in and didn't do terrible for a rookie after the Josh Freeman/Greg Schiano debacle. Those two are now gone, Lovie Smith is the new Bucs coach. Expectations would be relatively low with a new coach so it wouldn't be a gamble for Smith to go with a rookie QB (especially if the QB was as good as Teddy).

8. Vikings--Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Josh Freeman all saw action in Minnesota last year...none should be the starter next season. The Vikings also fired their coach in the off season so I think it is likely they would take a QB with the 8th pick.

9. Bills--Buffalo drafted EJ Manuel (from Florida St.) last year so I don't think they would want a QB, they also have some other problems so I doubt they would want to trade their pick either. However, I would love to see Eric Wood blocking for Teddy next season.

10. Lions--Matt Stafford has one more year on his contract and has logged a million yards, so I would expect Detroit to extend his contract in the off season and not take a QB with this pick. However, I don't think Teddy would mind having Calvin Johnson as a target.

I could go another 5 picks but I have to think (barring something really strange) Teddy will go in the top 4.

Any thoughts?

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