CCBMM 2: An Even Bigger, More Terrifying Success

The Second Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the March was an outstanding success this week. Why? Because it was, okay? Need a more definitive reason? Fine, I'll go a little deeper.

With a short week to prepare, the CCBM's had to stay mighty focused at the task at hand. There was no time to relax, with an opponent as huge as creating a major tradition for a major collegiate football program looming this weekend. The preparation was outstanding, and the CCBM's came out fired up. There were banners, and guys in bird heads, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident. Part of that may not be true.

Like I said, during the off week, one of the CCBM's made a banner to reserve a spot for the CCBM's to stand after they Marched to the March. It is one of the top three most artistic things anyone has ever done with a CCBM. The banner was inside of three barricades that made a triangle. This was referred to more than once as "The CCBirdCage."


Once the Banner was hung (Around 9:00), it became a waiting game. Fans were trickling in, and bird masks were showing up in full force. Finally, it was 9:30. We had double digit Bird Masks show up again, ready to treat the fans to a show. A pre-game speech, then we were off, down the red carpet.


The fans had shown up for the Card March, but what they didn't know, was they were going to get a heck of a treat. What better treat than an unruly group of men and women dressed in bird masks running around cheering like crazy folk in preparation for the Card March.


Basically what happened is we walked along the back side of the Card March straight down to the street where the Card March begins, then made a turn into the actual Card March and (without the Athletics Department knowing) became the "Masked Hype-Men/Women" for Your City's Team. There was much Cheering, high-fiving, and some fine coverage and recognition walking through the crowd. Pretty cool shot there above. The cheerleaders and Ladybirds even joined in in support of the second CCBMM. Not gonna lie, it was pretty cool. If you didn't participate, you will need to next time.


A special thanks to everyone who showed up and celebrated the early stages to what is becoming a wonderful tradition this weekend. It will remain the CCBMM to the March, but this week, it was the CCBMM to the March through the March before the March. We have a bye week, so we will be looking forward to the next one prior to the FIU game on the 21st. However, anyone wishing to go down and represent for the CCBM's in the city to the East, please take plenty of pictures. We will wish you well as you take care of business as our City's Team takes care of business, too. I'll leave you with the group pic, courtesy of the Courier Journal. Thanks C-J and thanks CCBM's. You are all heroes.


Go Cards!!! Go CCBM!!! Beat UK!

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