UofL Themed Towel Animals at Hampton Inn

The New General Manager of the Hampton Inn in Elizabethtown is clearly a big UofL fan. In an effort to increase guest scores and create a more memorable overall relationship with the guests at the hotel, Jon Cecil, General Manager of the hotel began having his staff make towel animals and put them in the guest room. He was hired just a few months ago, and started doing one each month since August. In August, a Teddy Bear made out of a washcloth may or may not have been made in honor of the beginning of the 2013 Football season and a certain Heisman Trophy candidate. The bears name is, of course Teddy.


In September, another new towel animal greeted guests as they entered their hotel rooms. Made out of a hand towel, This one was a Devil Ray, a majestic creature who floats with ease through the water and encompasses anything in its area with its big wings. Naturally, his name was DeVante the Devil Ray, which may or may not have been an homage to Spiderman.


Then, just today, a sneak peak of the Towel Animal was released on the Hampton Inn Elizabethtown's facebook page, and it is clear that there is no mistaking that these are being inspired by UofL Football Players. Of course, October had to be something to do with Halloween. The staff was allowed to choose what the Towel Design would be, and Jon, the GM, would name it. When they brought in a Ghost, he thought about it for a little while, then it hit him. And he couldn't stop smiling. Tomorrow, the guests of the Hampton Inn Elizabethtown will be able to meet Griffin Ghoul the Ghost. Griffin Ghoul... Classic.


Anyway, I am the General Manager of the Hampton Inn Elizabethtown and just wanted to honor our team. Even though it is outside of our city, it is done with the hope that it will spread a little bit of Cardinal Pride throughout an area of Kentucky that may not be as RED as it could be. Even if it doesn't do that, at least it is something. I am certainly open to some other UofL Themed Towel Animals moving forward. Through December we can do either Football or Basketball players, and after January, we can move on to the Basketball Team.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little insight. This was a little way to personalize the guest stay at my hotel and catch their eye with something small and inexpensive, yet entertaining and memorable. And in case you were wondering, this month, we are having the highest guest satisfaction scores in over two years. I am not saying this has anything to do with the highest ranking for the CARDS in years or their players, but I'm not saying it doesn't either. Go CARDS!!!

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