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12:00 PM Southern Methodist @ TCU Tickets "
12:00 PM #15 Miami (FL) @ South Florida Preview " Tickets "
12:00 PM #12 South Carolina @ UCF Preview " Tickets "
3:30 PM Connecticut @ Buffalo Tickets "
4:00 PM Houston @ UTSA Tickets "
5:00 PM Temple @ Idaho Tickets "

Biggest credibility game: This is a no-brainer. If Temple can beat Idaho, then the AAC will only continue to impress the pollsters and it will set up an epic showdown next week in Philly when the #7 Cards come to town to battle for bragging rights in the annual Caged Bird Fight. Wait. What? None of that is real, except that Temple does play Idaho in one of the worst match-ups that you could possibly still call an FBS game. If they could somehow rope in FIU and make it a 3-way clusterf***, then you'd really have something.

Biggest credibility game, part 2: This one is for real, folks. tUCF is hosting the real USC. No, not Southern Cal. But South Carolina. The game is intriguing for several reasons, but mostly because Blake Bortles' girlfriend will be there (feel free to Bing/Google/Altavista her). The second reason this game is important is because the THE University of Central Florida has a legit chance here to make some noise of their own this year, with a great out of conference schedule. A win over USC puts them in the top 25 with wins @ Happy Valley and over the Head Ball Coach. All of this goodness would set up a huge game for the Cards on Oct. 18, so we could go full Brain Bug and steal their essence from them. A win over the team that beat Penn St and USC is the same as beating both those teams. At least, it should be. Anyways, USC @ tUCF is one to stay away from avoiding.

Pulse of the conference game of the week: SMU @ TCU. These two schools hate each other. And when I say hate, I mean true hatred, which is the only way two Christian schools should feel about each other, especially when they are cross-metroplex semi-rivals. If SMU is able to keep this one close, look for the Mustangs to run through their AAC schedule and pony up for a top 5 spot in the league.

My picks:

Cards over Idle by a late Eli Rogers field goal.

TCU over SMU by 10.

Miami struggles to beat a bad but motivated USF team.

UCF by 3 over USC.

UConn and Buffalo both lose.

Houston by 10 @ UTSA

We all lose in Temple @ Idaho

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