More from the First CCBMM

As Mike said, the first CCBMM was a delightful, terrifying contribution to the 2013 Louisville football season campaign. I think we can be pleased with the first showing by you, the CCBM'ers. I am looking forward to seeing what we can do next weekend. Before we look ahead to next weekend, let's look back at the CCBMM that was:


The flock gathers before the March, at the old site of the Card March, and the new site of the CCBMM.


Celebrating a great opportunity from some passing cameras who happened to catch a glimpse of history.


As we begin Marching, we realize that the march is not quite as long as we had anticipated, this will be addressed next week, in a very good way.


In the most symbolic picture that my mom could take with my iPhone she as still trying to figure out how to use, we see the group of CCBMMarchers leaving the old Home of the Card March and the new Home of the CCBMM. Good work, Mom.


The flock of CCBMM'ers have arrived at the site. No less than three different news and or Louisville Sports outlets were impressed and intrigued enough to single us our for photo op's. Getting the name, or at least face, out there.


At the gate of the entrance of the Stadium where the Card March and CCBMM both end. This is where we greeted and cheered on the players to victory. I'm not going to say we are the reason that the team didn't come out flat and that we are responsible for 49 points, but I'm not going to say we are not either.


The spot where we all made history.

my photos hosted by

As I said earlier, this was a tremendous success. But as Coach Strong said, it can always get better. We need to become bigger, stronger, more visible. This means we need your help. We need even more of you to get there early, and be a big part of the success of this site and this gamely CCBMM.

Next weekend, we will be meeting just before 9:30am, for the CCBMM to start at 9:30. I have good news about some additions that will be made. This upcoming weekend, my Mom will be roping off and possibly making a sign for the CCBMM'ers to reserve some sports and be able to stand right up against the gates. This will allow maximum exposure and give us all an opportunity to be identified as the group we are, as if the mask doesn't do this.

Also, and more importantly, we will still meet at the same place, but this time, due to the shortness of the walk this week, we will be doing our best to walk through the actual Card March before the players do. What does this mean? We will walk down the red carpet, then make a sharp right toward where the buses drop the players off. Assuming we get there in plenty of time, we should be able to walk straight through the real Card March just like the players, pumping up the crowd. Basically we will be the hype-men and women for your team. Security is usually pretty relaxed before they get there, so we may actually be able to do this. That's right, we will be doing our best to make the CCBMM a part of the Card March tradition and lead the way for the Football team prior to their arrival. With the area that will be blocked off being at the end of the Card March, it allows us to be the last ones the players see when they arrive and cheer them on to victory. In other words, just follow me, together, we will become a Tradition.

I know it is early, but this is a huge opportunity. It gives us a chance to make something big, get some national exposure for the CCBM and for Mike, even if he is New Mike, and to meet some of our fellow Card Chronicle brothers and sisters. It was great meeting each of you this past weekend, it will be even better meeting more of you. I will be re-posting something similar as the game approaches as a reminder, but I just wanted to thank everyone for the great work! The CCBMM is a thing, and it WILL become a Tradition. Go CARDS!!! Go CCBMM!

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