CCBM March to the March: #3 (A Tribute to Dale Earnhardt)

Okay, so we will actually be doing nothing to honor Dale Earnhardt (yeah right, every day we are honoring Dale Earnhardt, but nothing themed toward him. Really?). This is the third Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the March. Last time we ventured from the old "Home of the Card March" to the new one, we took a slight detour. This was one detour that the fans really loved, so we are doing it again. Prior to the team arriving, we CCBM's walked through and hyped up the crowd so everyone would be ready once the team arrived. This week will be much the same.

The only difference is we need your help to make this one even bigger than the last one. Your University of Louisville Football Team is coming off of their 3rd straight win to open the season, and more importantly, off of a victory over our in-state rival. This is your first true opportunity to show the team how much we appreciate their hard work and effort in defeating the team to the East. And that opportunity to show appreciation is doubled by your opportunity to participate in the third CCBMM and be a part of The Tradition. What Would Mergatroid Skittle Want You To Do? (WWMSWYTD?)

We will be meeting again at 9:30am. I know, that is early, but this is your team. This is your Potential Heisman Trophy Winner. This is your Potential National Champion. This is your Potential Greatest Man Ever To Live/Coach of the Year. This is your time to show them that what they are doing for us is important and meaningful. The Card March starts at 9:45, so we will be meeting at the Stadium side of the Tunnel prior to 9:30. We will then be departing from the old home of the Card March at 9:30 and walking down the Red Carpet, then hanging a hard right. We will walk around the back side of the crowd to the opening of the Card March and straight on through the Card March Crowd. Be ready to yell, scream, drink beer through a straw through a hole cut in the bottom of your CCBM Beak, and be ready to spell out CARDS Cheers. I know I will see a bunch of you all there. And I hope I will see even more of you than before. We are looking forward to another great CCBMM. Come support your team and your favorite website on the interwebs. Go CCBMM! Go CARDS!!!


Be a part of something bigger than us.


Be a part of The Tradition.


Hey, look. It's UofL President Ramsey's Wife, Jane, handing out pom-poms and participating in the CCBMM! Also, Cheerleader and half the back side of a Lady Bird.


Our own special spot to encourage and thank the team just "Pryor" to them going in and getting ready to beat someone down. Let Mergatroid hear you!

See you Saturday Morning. Go CARDS!!!

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