A Fresh Look at the Numbers...

Every week I am going to run the numbers and give you some Football Math Geek information that you may not know. I have looked at the polls and chosen essentially the top 17 teams most likely to challenge for the national championship. (Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State, Clemson, Stanford, Louisville, LSU, Florida State, Texas A& M, Georgia, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Michigan, UCLA, Miami, and Florida)…Sorry, I didn’t include Northwestern in this mix. I have looked at their win-loss records, points scored and points allowed, and their opponents’ records, based on the opponents that they have played thus far in the season.

Compared with these sixteen other teams, Louisville’s defense is tied at #1 with Oregon and Oklahoma, only giving up 9 points per game. Louisville is tied for 3rd with regard to their average score differential, which is + 31, as their average score is 40-9. Louisville is tied for 7th when looking at their opponents’ records thus far. That differential is -1, as Louisville’s opponents’ combined record is 4-5.

A comparison of these 17 teams is listed below, based on the categories noted above. There is no doubt that these numbers will change as the year progresses. While I understand that once you add Temple and FIU into the mix once the Cards play them, it will have a negative effect. However, they will also get a little help from Rutgers, Cincinnati and most likely Central Florida. Keep in mind that Michigan barely beat Akron 28-24 on Saturday…Central Florida beat Akron 38-7 a few weeks ago. Perhaps Michigan was simply disinterested.

Alabama—2-0 record, Average score 42-26, Opponents’ record 4-2

Oregon—3-0 record, Average score 61-9, Opponent’s record 4-4

Ohio State – 3-0 record, Average score 44-20, Opponents’ record 2-6

Clemson—2-0 record, Average score 45-21, Opponents’ record 2-3

Stanford—2-0 record, Average score 34-16, Opponents’ record 2-3

Louisville—3-0 record, Average score 40-9, Opponents’ record 4-5

LSU—3-0 record, Average score 46-19, Opponents’ record 2-6

Florida State—2-0 record, Average score 51-10, Opponents’ record 2-3

Texas A&M—2-1 record, Average score 55-34, Opponents’ record 5-2

Georgia—1-1 record, Average score 38-34, Opponent’s record 4-1

Oklahoma State – 3-0 record, Average score 45-14, Opponents’ record 3-6

Oklahoma—3-0 record, Average score 34-9, Opponents’ record 5-4

South Carolina—2-1 record, Average score 31-25, Opponents’ record 3-4

Michigan—3-0 record, Average score 43-21, Opponents’ record 4-5

UCLA—2-0 record, Average score 49-20, Opponents’ record 3-3

Miami—2-0 record, Average score 27-11, Opponents’ record 2-3

Florida—1-1 record, Average score 20-13, Opponents’ record 2-3

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