Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Kentucky

The following are the opinions of StrongDefense and why he hates UK. There are probably many reasons to hate UK, but here are his top 10 in order of least to worst:

10. The Air Raid

- Have you ever heard someone come up with an idea that is so stupid that it makes you hate them? I have, and it's the reason why I hate Kentucky for playing air raid sirens at their football games. It is simple to understand unless you're UK. When you're in your homeland, home field, home stadium, or whatever home and someone plays the air raid siren...that means YOU are going to get bombed on!

In all the history of war, never does an air raid siren mean for the people defending their home that something good is going to happen. When UK plays an air raid siren, there should be a subconscious message that they are about to endure a lot of pain and suffering by the visiting opponent. I'm just saying this is a horrible idea and it is so stupid that it makes me hate them.

9. UK fans that hate the city of Louisville

- There are two types of UK fans that hate the city of Louisville. First, are the people that had to move here, or their parents had to move here. They're mad that they had to come to a more populated area because of work, they need a new start, or their town of 300 people got taken over by meth and is now a wasteland.

Instead of being happy like most people in a better situation, they hate on the city. They have to live here, but they don't like all the people, the busy life style, or just modern civilization in general. The best way they know in their pea sized stone aged brains to vent is to voice their hate for the University of Louisville, but when you really get down to it; they just hate the city itself.

Second, are the people who live in Louisville, but are too lazy or broke to make the ride up to Lexington to support their team. The best way they know to support their distant school of admiration is to hate on the local rival. A lot of these UK fans are fat and nasty looking. They drive their piece of junk truck past the Yum! center with multiple UK flags after a UofL scrimmage game, just to piss people off. They will swear on a Bible that they are the biggest UK fan, but ask them how many times they have been to Rupp and they will say 2, which really means 0.

8. Bandwagon Fans

- UK fans are the biggest bunch of bandwagon, fair weather, fans in history. When they have a bad year in football and UofL beats them, they will say that really they have always been Notre Dame football fans, Syracuse football fans, or they never really liked UK football. You know, they're strictly UK b-ball fans. Ask them why they were talking smack a week earlier and you'll hear crickets.

7. The Love Affair With Barnhart

- UK fans have to hold onto Barnhart even though he continues to be behind the times and getting upstaged by Jurich. How long did UK fans have to cry about the UofL facilities being great until the administration decided to upgrade their 1970s style buildings.

He didn't hire Calipari until UK cried a river. He gave Joker almost no facilities upgrades even when Rich Brooks told the world it needed to be done to have a great program. Then after little support...Joker was gone... What is so great about this man and why do UK fans idolize this guy that does almost nothing until there is a complete uproar by the big blue cry babies? Trust me they never stop suggesting reasons why we should get rid of Jurich, but they never seem to transfer that over to Barnhart.

6. UK fans that hate Tom Jurich

- Let me just sum it up for you: Tom Jurich is a beast. So many UK fans can not take the fact that Mr. Jurich is handling his business so well and like a professional. They will say: "he only lets positive things be run about UofL and tries to stop negative reports", or "he negotiated a great deal for UofL's Yum Center" Blah, blah, blah... You know what basicly they are saying: "Tom Jurich is great and we're jealous", but they just can't admit it.

5. The SEC Whine

- Ask a UK football fan why they aren't successful and they will say it is the SEC. And, while I get that it is hard to play in that conference; most teams would give anything to play there and get the money that comes with it.

It is especially ironic to tell this to a UofL fan. It makes me want to scream: "oh so playing in the best football conference in America hurts your chances, really!? Why don't you try playing in a baseball stadium for most of the program's history? How about trying to renew the rivalry and being told that the first 4 games have to be at UK's place? How about being bounced around several non-BCS conferences and hoping to one day get into a BCS conference only to see it dismantled?!

Yes, life is rough UK! You're like a rich suburban kid saying: "mo money mo problems", or an old woman with a huge honey glazed ham complaining she doesn't have any bread! Freaking spend some money on your program and stop breaking the bank on B-ball! Gesh!

4. The Older Step-Brother Mentality

- Many UK fans will say we are little brother. Yeah, but we don't totally share the same gene pool (thank God). Our mother is the National Media, but mom has moved on with the UK and UofL is the new, more attractive Daddy that just moved in the house. Our dad is younger, hipper, newer, fresher and smells good.

You can continue to get mad at us UK fans, but you're really just mad at your dad. You ask yourself - Why did dad start to look so old and unattractive to mom? Who is this new guy and what if mom forgets about me? So, UK's anxieties about younger step-brother lead to them being mad about all things UofL. Don't be mad UK! I just got one question: "whose your Daddy now"?

3. The Hypocrisy of Their Stereotyping

- We've all heard the stereotypes UK fans have of us. We have: line beards, tattoos, only listen to rap, and flat bill hats. This seems to hold up until pictures appear on the internet of UK fans having their wedding in a Demarcus Cousins jersey and the groom has...a line beard, neck tattoos and a general thug demeanor.

So, I guess it seems logical that this is a stereotype that fits some fans at both universities, but somehow UK fans think it only applies to us. Of course, it is one thing when someone from city dresses like a thug, and yeah it looks bad when kids from the burbs do it. But, nothing looks worse then a hick from the sticks of the state with his hat on sideways, is in overalls, is bumping "teach me how to Dougie" and doing the John Wall dance. (Shots out to UK fans in the sticks).

2. Calipari

- The way he inflects his voice. The way he epitomizes all that is wrong with sports. His "players first" system, which basically feeds the narcissism of so many in the worst way. UGH! Don't even get me started about the vacated wins at the programs that he left behind.

1. Complaining About the Louisville Media

- If anything pisses me off more about UK complaints, it's the way they say Louisville's media is so biased. As compared to what in UK land? Have UK fans ever driven around this state and tried to find media talk about UofL in a positive light on radio or T.V? The whole rest of the state for the most part hates Louisville. For much of the rivalry, they wouldn't even acknowledge they existed. You saw Joe B. Hall ask to have the cameras turned off when asked about Louisville and Denny said: "Well, that's typical". Now you're going to complain about the City of Louisville not turning over every rock to find some dirt on UofL? Why would they do that? You want them to report on rumors, why? Are you mad at the media or just mad that times have changed?
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