The Cardinal Countdown...2 days till kickoff

#2 Michaelee Harris


Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/202

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Miami, Fla


Thoughts: This poor kid may be a damn All-American if he could only stay healthy. Harris opened up the recruiting pipeline to Miami for the Cards and immediately got hurt before stepping foot on the field. Harris put in the work, got back to 100% and absolutely killed it as a redshirt freshman that following season. Michaelee finished with 37 catches for 455 yards, second best on the team, and tied for third all-time for a freshman wideout. Big things were coming. Then prior to the Belk Bowl...ACL torn. Harris put in the work once again during the off-season and appeared to be ready to breakout last year as fall camp began. Then...ACL torn. For the third time Michaelee has done what he needed to do and looks like he will be getting some reps come Sunday. He currently sits behind Clark and Eli in the slot, but I know Watson will get him out there if possible. You hate to see anyone go down with any injury, but to battle back three times puts his drive and dedication on a whole other level. If Harris returns even half as good as he once was, we've got a special player just waiting to show the rest of the country that he's back.

Sweet Tweet: Harris has a twitter account, shown above, but his tweets are protected. I heard through some reliable sources that he did it on purpose.

"I recently enforced a restriction on my account for the social media hub known as 'Twitter'. Rather than reprimand said follower I simply completed this act so that my thoughts could not be replicated on a separate web page strictly for the benefit of satirical humor."

Waiting on a second source, but I'm pretty sure that’s a direct quote....


#2 Preston Brown


Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/260

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Twitter: @PB_Number2

Thoughts: Just like Teddy is the undisputed leader of the offense, Preston is his defensive equivalent. Brown has been a big part of the Charlie Strong revolution, playing in all 36 games of his college career, and starting 24 of them. Last season Preston lead the team with 109 tackles, adding an interception, four pass breakups and three quarterback hurries. At first I was surprised that he didn't have a sack, but after looking over the stats, only one linebacker registered a sack last season. With as much pressure as we bring, it's typically that the corners or safeties will bring down the quarterback if the D-line doesn't get there first.

As Spring practice began earlier this year Charlie and Coach Bedford made a point to identify Brown as the defensive leader and said that they were going to put a lot of pressure on him to not only unite the defense but to meet the lofty expectations and goals they had set for that side of the ball. Throughout the fall Preston appears to have taken on the challenge and played like a leader over the course of the last month, whether it be making big plays himself or yelling out directions to those around him. I think we're all a big fan of Preston's game and can appreciate what's he done to help get Louisville back on the map. Here's hoping he finishes out his college career on a high note.

Sweet Tweet:

I remember the first time I stayed in a hotel by myself. I left for the day to go to some meetings and other work related activities leaving some change, a few dollar bills I pulled from my pocket and pair of earbuds on the desk in the room. When I returned...they were all gone. I told one of my co-workers about it and he said "if it was on the table, the maid probably thought that was her tip". What?! Maybe the cash, but who gives earbuds as a tip?! So, over the course of the last 8 years I've justified taking the following items, with the same logic that "Bia, Bia" used when she snatched my headphones...

Hanger: I just hung my shirt on this hanger and there is a strong chance that some of my shoulder oils have rubbed off on it and it will need to be destroyed after my stay, so.....I'm taking it.

Towel: I just rubbed my face on this. No one else would ever want to use it, so....I'm taking it.

Ironing Board: If I've got a layover do you expect a classy gentleman such as myself to sit there with a wrinkled shirt? Of course not, so.....I'm taking it.

Iron: See above

Showerhead: Correct me if I'm wrong here, but your goal is to make me feel like I'm at home right? I don't have a five setting rain shower at home, so....I'm taking it.

Pillow: Obvious freebie, so...I'm taking it.

Ice bucket: As I travel back home the likelihood of me loosing one of my appendages, although small, is still a definite possibility, and I would need someway to keep that said appendage on ice, so....I'm taking it.

Floor mats: Where am I supposed to put my feet on the plane? The ground? Ha, Ha. Silly hotel.....I'm taking it.

Lamps: Am I supposed to read on the plane with that little overhead flashlight? No, I need a full 60 watts blasting in my face, so...I'm taking it.

Shampoo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I was raised much better than that. That's just straight stealing bro.

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