Louisville Basketball Recruiting Rundown 2013: Pre-Visit Primer

Streeter Lecka

It's football season, and for Rick Pitino and Co., that means it's time to bring the future of Louisville basketball on to campus. Over the next few weeks, Louisville is going to be searching for 3 or 4 guys to complete what will likely be up with 2011 and 2013 as the highest ranked recruiting class during the Pitino era.

With the intro out of the way, here is an updated rundown rankings.

The Rundown Rankings

  1. Trey Lyles
  2. Chinanu Onuaku
  3. Jaylen Johnson
  4. Isaiah Whitehead
  5. James Blackmon Jr.
  6. Jonah Bolden
  7. Cinmeon Bowers
  8. Myles Turner
  9. Cliff Alexander
  10. Elbert Robinson

Here's some analysis on where we stand with each player.
Trey Lyles will be making a visit very soon (like, in the next 48 hours soon). UK is where a lot of guys think he ends up, but a visit can change everything. Will be an important one this weekend.

Chinanu Onuaku is a new guy on the board that Louisville offered less than a month ago and proceeded to pick up a ton of steam with. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Louisville has been recruiting him hard, and his perceived favorite, Maryland, just took a commitment from center Trayvon Reed. Onuaku is an athletic, raw center who needs to develop more of an offensive game. He will impact the defensive end very early, but offensively may take a little while. It looks like Louisville is the favorite, and will be looking to close the deal this weekend.

Jaylen Johnson still appears to have Louisville out in front, but the rumor is that Michigan State and Oregon are making a big push. Louisville will be looking to get a commitment during the weekend of his visit.

Isaiah Whitehead is a really interesting case. Louisville was one of his top two schools, got a commitment from Lyle, cooled a bit on him. Now, since Q decommitted, he's back in play for Louisville. If you can't remember, he's a dominant scorer out of NYC, the same school that Telfair went to. Louisville should get a visit. I'd say it's very important to note that he cut Syracuse from his list very recently- a school that's been recruiting him for years. The only school that he's visited thus far is Indiana.

James Blackmon Jr. decommitted from Indiana around the same time that we lost Q. He is arguably the class' best shooter, and is generally ranked as a top 40 player. His dad, James Blackmon Sr. played for UK, so a ton of people think he's an absolute lock for UK. I think it's a little bit early to say that, but it may be an uphill climb to land him. Louisville is getting an unofficial visit Saturday, so we'll see where this goes after that.

Jonah Bolden is an Australian faceup 4 who just broke out at a US event. He's considered a five star by 247, and a four star by everyone else... I'm more in the four star camp, playing well at one event shouldn't get you five star status in my opinion... But anyway, Louisville has been on him for a while, and should get a visit.

Cinmeon Bowers has a visit scheduled to Louisville in a few weeks. Not much more for you there.

Myles Turner fairly recently cut his list to 8, and Louisville is on it. Can't say too much here, as he's only scheduled one visit to Kansas out of a possible five. Louisville may get a visit... Kind of a crapshoot at this point.

Cliff Alexander was a top prospect on the board last month, but I've lost a lot of confidence here based on the fact that he still hasn't set a date to visit Louisville. Kind of have to wonder whether that will actually happen. It doesn't seem like Louisville is a high priority for him to visit. He still lists us and says he wants to visit, but until he sets a date, our chances here are minimal.

Elbert Robinson set a visit to Louisville and proceeded to cancel it shortly after. Not really sure why. Visit is still a possibility, but it doesn't seem like we're at the top of his list.

Now, a rundown of all of the visits that are set up
Friday, August 30th

James Blackmon Jr. (unofficial)

Saturday, August 31st

Trey Lyles

Chinanu Onuaku

JaQuan Lyle

Probably the biggest recruiting weekend since we brought Behanan, Miller, and Bello on campus a few years back. Blackmon will be going to visit Michigan on the 31st and UK yesterday. Lyles, Onuaku, and Lyle are on campus through the weekend. Can't say it's a bad thing that three of the guys on campus are really good friends.

Weekend of September 20th

Jaylen Johnson

Weekend of September 27th

Cinmeon Bowers

Probable Visits: Isaiah Whitehead Jonah Bolden

Possible Visits

Cliff Alexander

Myles Turner

Elbert Robinson

So, that brings us to the end of another post. Another year is in the books for the Recruiting Rundown. Post your thoughts and predictions for this class in the comments, and Go Cards.

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