Are Alabama fans afraid of Louisville?

Call it the "King of the Hill Syndrome". When you’re on top,you can’t help wonder if someone down at the bottom is going to knock you off. Ask Scarface, ask Tony Soprano, ask the Godfather, ask Apple inc, and ask Alabama football.

You would think after so many championships that Alabama fans would feel pretty confident, but excellence breeds insecurity, curiosity, defensiveness and sheer preoccupation. It’s the rough sandpaper of uncertainty that sharpens the blade of dominance.

Cue this fan post from Roll Bama Roll on SB Nation and you will notice that Alabama fans are worried about Louisville, but they can’t admit it.

So, they do what all "crabs at the top of the bucket" try and do; push you down. Let’s examine some of the jabs that you will probably hear throughout the season:

1. Louisville being a contender is absurd:

"Since this whole series of predictions has been a bit of fantasy, why not finish with the most absurd "contender" of them all"?

One may ask though, if it is absurd then why are you talking about it?

2. Louisville is Boise State:

>"Boise State

Louisville will get their BCS bowl against another team that doesn't want to be there".
Yes, we’re Boise St. if you mean that when we get a chance to play in a BCS bowl we are undefeated. Good call.

3. Our Schedule Sucks

"Not only is this a lame schedule of epic proportions, the Cardinals have 3 bye weeks"

. Okay, that one hurt, but I am sure there is a reason a lot of schools didn't want to schedule us this year. Want to guess why…(cough)…Florida..(cough)…(SEC)?

4. We’re going to learn when we get to the ACC

"BTW, have you ever noticed what happens to these little wannabe alleged BSC-busting programs once they join a Big Boy conference? Utah joins the PAC-12 and goes 8-5 (4-5) and 5-7 (3-6). TCU joins the Big XII: 7-6 (4-5). Louisville will join the ACC beginning in 2014"

This is the weakest argument to me.
Is the ACC THAT much better than the old Big East? C’mon! Also, notice he references 2014; he doesn’t want to talk about what Teddy would do to any team out there right now! Any day, any time!

Here is my question for Alabama fans:

You didn’t play Florida last year so you don’t know how good they are, correct? However, you did play a Georgia team real close, a Georgia team that won a close game versus Florida. A Florida Gator team that we dismantled! Are you so sure that we wouldn’t beat you guys? I don’t think that you are and we may soon find out.
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