5 Steps to Surviving the Week Before Football


Football is less than a week away and the time can feel like an unending hell before the fun of the season starts. Seconds can seem like minutes, minutes can seem like hours and hours like whole freaking eternities! Don't worry, if you're completely pumped for this season, but feel like you're about to lose your mind, then I've got 5 steps to help your endure this week.

1. Go all out at work

- Some people will say this is the week to let everything go at work, but they would be wrong. Nothing makes the time go slower than not working hard and staring at the clock. This week, go all out at work and the time will fly by. Before you know it; UofL will be about to kick off against Ohio. (If you're a student, apply this to school).

2. Get all the stuff you need for game day ready

- Do you know where the cooler is? Have you cleaned the grill that you use for tailgating? If you watch the games at home: Do you know where the football shaped chips and salsa bowl is? Do you have the frosty mugs, or do we need to get new ones? Try to do your prep work a little each day this week.

3. Create fail safe excuses for each game day

- Nothing is worse than something interfering with your game day. You're getting ready for the game and the wife/girlfriend says there is some wedding or party you have to go to... Don't let that happen! Create a reason you have to be at home, out of the house, or over at your buddies on game day. Examples: 1. You're waiting for a delivery 2. Your buddy needs help moving 3. You've got to go into "work" for a special project etc...

4. Manage your online reading about the team

- Don't freak out and start checking sports sites for articles every two minutes. This will make the time drag on forever. Set a goal for yourself. Example: I'm going to read about the team twice a day or every 4 hours. Just make a goal and stick to it.

5. Get your game attire ready

- It's hot right now, but it won't be for all of football season. Do you have a decent UofL sweatshirt for game day, knit cap, jacket etc... Do you have all that lined up and ready to go? Have you ordered the Card Chronicle Bird Mask? You're going to need it when you do step 3 and you supposed to be sick, but you're at the nationally televised game. Get you're gear in order soldier! THIS IS SERIOUS! Follow these steps and Sunday will be here before you know it.

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