The Cardinal Countdown...7 days till kickoff

#7 Damian Copeland


Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-1/182

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Bradenton, Fla

Twitter: @DCizzle7

Thoughts: This time last year we were talking about Copelands "potential" rather than his accomplishments. Why? Because he couldn't stay healthy. After battling through two separate injuries Copeland appeared to be ready for a breakout season last year...and ready he was. Damian was the leading receiver last season with 50 grabs, averaging 12.6 yds/catch to go along with his two touchdowns. Copeland started all 13 games last year, the first time he could say that since arriving on campus, and made his impact by pulling in at least a couple catches in all 13. While it might be rough on a player to raise expectations after such a great year, not only does Copeland not shy away from it, he embraces it. From interviews to tweets and everything in between, Copeland has said he isn't being complacent and expects bigger and better things this season for himself and the team. I try not single out players to much as I feel like everyone has their own role in order to have a successful season, but you gotta love Damian's journey on this team. Copeland started out injured while watching a 4-8 season unfold under Krag, to playing his home state Gators and beating them to win a Sugar Bowl. Copeland, along with the rest of the A.F.R.O.S. (America's finest receivers on Saturdays) should get a lot of looks this year as Teddy spreads it around. Enjoy this group, because we may not have this much talent at WR for quite some time. We call him Honey Mustard, Coach Dugans calls him pineapple and 3 months from now a lot of people will be calling him one of the best in the nation.

Sweet Tweet:

That's right Cards fans. We're talking one week till kickoff. Louisville vs. Ohio. The river city takes on the whole damn state of Ohio. What are we supposed to be afraid of, Cleveland? Dayton? Toledo? Child Please. You can take your whole state and just float off into Lake Erie for all I care. What are you bringing to the US now anyways? Maybe Canada will take you? Nobody needs your sorry...huh, wait a second. Crap. Sorry about all that Ohio, we can still come to Kings Island right? No? Damn it.

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