The Cardinal Countdown...8 days till kickoff

#8 Ryan Johnson


Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 5-11/199

Position: Punter

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of DeSales High School)

Twitter: @_rdjohnson

Thoughts: Ryan is your starting punter this season, and honestly he's earned it. There are a few other guys who've given it a shot, but Ryan was pretty solid last season when given the opportunity. He played in all 13 games and finished the season with 49 punts for 1933 yards, or a 39.4 yd/punt average. No disrespect to Ryan, but I'd prefer to never hear his name one time this year. I think the plan for almost every team is to never punt the ball, and while slightly unrealistic, I think it's a solid goal to shoot for. I remember sitting there during the UConn game last year thinking...enough of Ryan Johnson already. He was out there for what felt like every drive. I checked the stats and he kicked it "9 times" that game. Ed Rooney was even pissed off. Obviously, there will come a time at some point that we need to punt the ball and I've got faith in Grant Donovan and Ryan to get the job done. I think Johnson has done a great job thus far and I hope to see him continue his "kick the crap out of the ball" duties this season.

Sweet Tweet:

In my college career I never saw roller skates. Walking? Of course. Running? All the time. Bike? Everyday. Moped? Occasionally. Segway? It was an Engineering school. I saw it WAAAY to often.



#8 Gerod Holliman


Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-0/201

Position: Safety

Hometown: Miami, Fla

Twitter: NA

Thoughts: Holliman was a big get for the Louisville program last year. Not yet knowing that Hakeem and Pryor would turn into the men they are, Holliman was a target to help shore up a secondary which had been somewhat lackluster. Gerod saw action in just three games last year before being pulled from the rotation. While UofL lists him as a sophomore I remember rumblings from last season that they had placed a redhsirt on him. I'm not sure if that didn't stick or if the website just has a mistake. Either way, Holliman will need to get adjusted to the speed of the game and continue to learn the position this year. With Smith as a Senior and Pryor with potentially only one more year at the college level, Reve and Gerod are the safeties of the future. Currently Gerod sits behind Pryor on the depth chart at free safety, although I think he could play the strong side if needed. I believe Holliman has the necessary talents to be a big time player, he just needs to get some opportunities to show it. I like Reve's game a lot, so if he and Holliman can get on the same page we may have a killer secondary for 5 or 6 years running.

Sweet Tweet: No twitter for Gerod, but this gives me an opportunity to address the new rules for this years college football season and break down what the NCAA is really trying to say. If you need a refresher course you can find it here.

* NCAA says: A rule providing for a 10-second runoff when the clock stops inside a minute at the end of a half due to an injury.

NCAA means: Get up you big faker. Yes, I see you hurt your leg, but somehow I feel like you'll magically be healed on the next play!

* NCAA says: Three seconds is now the minimum cutoff before which the ball can be spiked to stop the clock. If less than three seconds remain on the clock, the offense can only run one more play.

NCAA means: Our officiating crew isn't getting any younger. Stop running down the field so damn fast!

* NCAA says: Players that change numbers while a game is being played must report to the referee, who will then announce it.

NCAA means: Enough of your David Copperfield tomfoolery! You can't put Manziel in the backups QB's uniform and expect to get away with it.

* NCAA says: Multiple players from the same team can't wear the same number.

NCAA means: Don't wear the same numbers. We get confused. (Umm. Are we sure about this? Holliman and Johnson might like to know that for starters...maybe they're just talking about the same position?)

* NCAA says: Electronic communication equipment is now permissible for use by officiating crews, but not required.

NCAA means: It has always been an officials dream to announce a penalty over a CB radio, now it can happen. "Breaker-Breaker, this is shepherd calling out to lost sheep. We got a holding call on a big ugly, eight-niner. That's a thirty foot push back, over.

* NCAA says: Instant replay can now be used to adjust the clock at the end of a quarter. The old rule only allowed for adjustment at the end of a half.

NCAA means: Our replay official gets bored after he hammers through a couple Sudoku's, he needs some more stuff to do.

* NCAA says: Numbers on the front and back of jerseys must be a distinctly different, solid color than the rest of the jersey.

NCAA means: Really Oregon? We have to make a rule that the numbers can't be the same color as the jersey? Tell Phil Knight to pump the breaks over there in his Chinese sweat shops that are cranking out 25 different uniform combinations. What are you changing clothes at halftime now?!

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