The Cardinal Countdown...9 days till kickoff

#9 DeVante Parker


Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-3/209

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Ballard High School)

Twitter: @TalentedYoung9

Thoughts: I don't like taking credit for things that I didn't do, but let me just throw this out there. Last year on the countdown I touched on a couple nicknames for DeVante. I liked Spiderman, but I'm sure someone has called him that before so I guess I'll let that one go. But, 'Six point Parker' is all me. When Musburger is calling him that in the title game I want some residuals!

Now, the important stuff. DeVante turned into quite the TD machine his first year as a Card pulling in 6 touchdowns his freshman season. Last year? Parker pulled down another 10. While I'm no accountant, I bet if I plot this thing out on Excel you're gonna see a rising trend. The guy is a scoring machine, finishing fourth on the team in points and third in all-purpose yardage. Parker was the leading receiver last season and I don't expect that to change this year. Sure, we have a talented core of wideouts, but Parker is the go-to when Teddy needs a completion, especially around the endzone. I wouldn't be shocked to see Parker get his share of double teams this year as his skill set has become much more well-known to the opposing teams players and coaches. If so, Honey Mustard, Eli, Quick, Lee...hell, everyone will take advantage. DeVante will help spread the field and ultimately create space for the other receivers, as well as the running backs. Louisville might be seeing more zone coverage this year than Boeheim does at practice.(We talkin bout practice?) This isn't gonna be an "air raid" offense, this is gonna be a "we do whatever the hell we want, just try to stop us" offense. I think Watson still calls it "west coast" or something like that. Potatoe-Potato. Double up DeVante, we throw somewhere else. Drop seven in coverage, we run it down your throat. Watson's playing chess, while the defense is still putting checker pieces on the board. Can you tell I'm excited?

I briefly touched on this last year but you have to admire Parker for taking on the pressure of being a hometown athlete who stayed in town. Quick will be in the same boat for the next few years. When expectations are high how do you respond? I'd say DeVante has more than surpassed what anyone could have anticipated over the course of the last two years, setting himself up as a legitimate athlete with pro potential . Throw it up Teddy, I know Six Point Parker is pulling that ish down everytime.

Sweet Tweet:

There are numerous articles written every year about "best pizza joints" or "favorite pizza stops", mostly covering the hole-in-the-wall places who make a really good slice of pizza. You'll never see a Papa John's or Pizza Hut on these lists because it isn't the hip thing to do. All I know is this, between the ages of 8-14 I would have punched someone in the throat if they said there was anything better than Gatti's. You mean you can eat all the pizza you want?! You're telling me they have cinnamon sticks too?! Wait, they have pizza for dessert?! It was amazing. Add some arcade games and call it Gatti-land? You just blew my mind. And don't you dare come at me and try to bring Ci-Ci's into the conversation. Come on man, you're better than that.

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