The Cardinal Countdown...12 days till kickoff

#12 Brett Nelson


Class: Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-4/231

Position: Quarterback

Hometown: Chula Vista, Calif

Twitter: @brettnelsonqb15

Thoughts: Who is Brett Nelson? He's a name that I think might become real familiar this time next year. Brett comes to the Cards with two years of eligibility left after transferring from Southwestern Community College in California.The good news is that he is immediately available to play. The bad news is...we may not want him to be. Brett has the size and the talent to be a real good quarterback, which is why Charlie went and got him. Various reports had Brett as one of the best pro prospects in the state of California and he hasn't shown anything to discourage that sentiment since arriving on campus in January.The big question for me is do you give him a redshirt and hope to get two years from him while Gardner, Bolin and Bonnafon learn the system or use him as a backup now and only get one year of production? We all now Teddy B is the gun slinger this year, but you have to be prepared if something were to happen. Is Gardner ready for that role should the situation arise? I'm not sure. I'll be interested to see what Watson decides going forward, and good luck to all the QB's in the hunt.

Sweet Tweet: Brett's twitter account is currently down so instead I'll post a picture I'm insanely jealous of...


via SWCC

For those who listened to Charlie's speech at the Kickoff luncheon you heard the story about some kids ringing his doorbell and hiding behind his bushes, curious to see if he really lived there. Charlie brought the kids in the house, talked to them about football and took a few photos with them. How awesome is that? Not only was my neighbor not the head football coach at Louisville, but I'm pretty sure he hated the city. He moved here from somewhere in Michigan and he was always walking around in a Jacksonville State sweatshirt yelling at everybody, talking about needing more time to do stuff. He only lived there like three years and then said he was moving down to Alabama to work in Agriculture or something. Never caught his first name, we just called him Mr. C




#12 Stephan Robinson


Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 5-10/165

Position: Cornerback

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Central High School)

Twitter: @LockDown_12

Thoughts: I think Stephan has the skills to be an excellent corner, in my opinion it's just taking him a little longer to fully develop them. If I remember correctly Robinson was a wideout at Central and made the switch when signing with the Cards. It's a fairly common position swap, but it does take a different mentality to play the opposite side of the ball. Robinson played in nine games last year and finished with eight tackles. He's currently listed with the number two squad on the depth chart with Floyd's injury, but I assume will be pushed back behind Houchins or Gaines when Terrell returns. Robinson got abused a few times in the scrimmage, but you have to consider he was going up against one of the best receivers in the nation in DeVante, who also happens to have a 4" advantage. Robinson can't change his 5'-10" frame, but I know he'll get better in using it try and lock people down.

Sweet Tweet:

I usually do a pretty good job of avoiding websites devoted to other fanbases just to limit myself with getting frustrated, knowing full well I may miss out on some interesting articles or opinions when doing so. I broke my rule twice the last two weeks going to a rival site when the Kevin Ware story was going on, and visiting another website that was trashing UofL's schedule and talent. The articles were both well written but lacked valid points and showed that little to no research had actually been done to support their claims. It may sound cliché', but nobody was writing articles trashing Louisville 5 years ago. Why? Because nobody cared about Louisville. We are making an impact in college football again. We have a long way to go to maintain this level of excellence but Charlie and his staff can do it. My advice right now....listen to my man Stephan. 'Ignore the hate...Focus on being great'

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