Louisville Basketball Recruting Rundown: July 2013

Andy Lyons

Time flies, huh? Only about two months until the first kickoff of 2013, and for now, we only have the July evaluation periods to keep us occupied for the time being.

A programming note: the format is going to change for the July and August 2013 posts. Instead of doing position by position analysis on who Louisville is recruiting, it's going to be the Rundown Rankings, which is essentially going to be my board, and then recruiting information on who the prospects are currently favoring, visiting, etc.

JaQuan Lyle's commitment is really great, especially the timing, because it allows the staff to lock in on a few big guys to recruit. We've completed our backcourt for the near and distant future, so almost, if not every prospect we're recruiting from this point forward is going to be a forward or center. Here's a closer look at how Rick Pitino will be attempting to complete the 2014 class.

The Rundown Rankings:


  1. Trey Lyles
  2. Leron Black
  3. Elbert Robinson
  4. Cliff Alexander
  5. Goodluck Okonoboh
  6. Myles Turner
  7. Devin Robinson
  8. Jaylen Johnson
  9. Zylan Cheatham
  10. Kelly Oubre

Here's what's up with each prospect:
Trey Lyles is now your undisputed top overall prospect for the Cards. The dominant paint scorer is down to Louisville and Kentucky, and there's been a lot of momentum going for the Cards right now, especially now that he's talked about possibly moving his commitment up to the fall, rather than than the spring. He's been the top post man since day 1, but Louisville also has plenty more options as well.

The next part of the list was by far the hardest to come up with. You could easily make an arguement to place these guys in any order. I went with Leron Black as the number two prospect on the list. He's been identified as someone who has a lot of interest from Louisville( as evidenced here and here) and appears to be returning the favor. Just for those who haven't heard of him, he's a slashing forward who we want as a 4. He is slightly undersized at 6'7, maybe 6'8, with a great motor. He's got a lot of skill, and can get to the tin. His jumpshot is coming around as well. Great athlete who would fit well in the system here. Here's a highlight video.

Elbert Robinson is a big man. He's 7'0, almost 7'1, and weighed in at 322 pounds at the NBPA Top 100 Camp. He's got a lot of interest in Rick Pitino's program, and is pretty skilled in the post. If he chooses Louisville, he'd have to lose weight- obviously, at least 40-60 pounds. He plans on visiting soon, and there's not a ton else to say.

If I had to sum up Cliff Alexander in one word, it would be beast. Cliff recently announced his top 10 schools, and Louisville made it, along with other favorites Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan St., and Illinois. There was recently a notable tweet from Steve Jones about Louisville's chances with the forward out of Chicago-

Cliff Alexander plans to officially visit KU, UofL, Memphis, Zona. Not planning to visit UK, MSU officially because he's already been there

We've got a good chance here, especially if he indeed does get to campus. I think he would fit pretty well here. Definitely one to watch.

Myles Turner is the 2014 equivalent of Anthony Davis. He was under the radar, and just recently exploded onto the national scene and into the top 5. He is a great athlete and shot blocker, with an improving offensive game. He has a list of like 25 schools (cut down from about 50, lol), so not too much more to say as of now.

Goodluck Okonoboh is a new name on the radar. And to put it lightly, he's got hops. Before transferring from the Tilton School, he played alongside Nerlens Noel. He even currently rocks the flat top. He isn't very skilled, but take my word for it, he does a lot of other stuff well. He blocks shots, he dunks, and he plays hard. He's got gobs of potential that Pitino and Co. could harness. He's a guy you'll hear a lot about during the evaluation period.

Devin Robinson is a 6'8 combo forward who may still be growing. He's really skilled (like a guard, he's had a sudden growth spurt). Not a ton has changed, including the fact that he's a top target on the board.

Jaylen Johnson and Zylan Cheatham are both prospects who have interest in Louisville, and the staff will pursue both. The main question is to what extent. They will watch both this month. The other guys on this list are higher priorities, but I would watch both, in the event some of these other guys come off the board.

Kelly Oubre... I kind of just needed someone to fill in the last spot. Louisville will definitely be recruiting him differently now that they have filled out the backcourt. I don't know if they'll keep up the interest, that's something that will definitely be impacted by how many scholarships the staff wants to add to the count, whether it be 5 or 6.

Essentially, you're going to see Louisville take a power forward and a center now, as long as they have five spots. Guys who are power forwards would be Trey Lyles, Leron Black,Devin Robinson, Jaylen Johnson, and Zylan Cheatham. Centers are Elbert Robinson, Cliff Alexander, Myles Turner, and Goodluck Okonoboh.

Now for the poll of the month- which center would you like to see commit to Louisville alongside Lyles, Black, or Devin Robinson?

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