The Cardinal Countdown...32 days till kickoff

#32 Senorise Perry


Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-0/187

Position: Running Back

Hometown: Summerville, Ga

Twitter: @SenoriseP

Thoughts: If you read last years countdown you might recall the love fest I had for Senorise. Coming off his Sophomore year I really thought he could break out and be a lead back for the Cards. I was right. Senorise was an animal last year. He had over 700 rushing yards and 11 TDs in eleven games last season while splitting carries with Jeremy Wright. Only Teddy had more touchdowns than Perry on the whole team. Unfortunately the injury bug bit again. I remember seeing Senorise go down against Cuse and thinking we could still pull it out with Wright. We didn't. Wright was a great back, and did his fair share to get us to a Sugar Bowl win, but in my humble opinion, he's no Perry. With Dom Brown back, Radcliff, Lambo and a healthy Perry in the backfield this year, we are absolutely loaded. There was some skepticism on Perry's health this spring but I think he'll be at 100% when Ohio comes to town in September. My wish is that Perry stays healthy and leads one of the best group of backs in the nation to a couple championships. By the way, he was also added to the Doak Walker Watch list a few weeks ago. Glad everyone else getting on board.

Sweet Tweet:

Growing up we didn't have a pool. Unless of course you count that little inflated area at the bottom of the Slip-n-Slide. Typically though that area was filled with grass and blood from the lacerations on my chest after sliding down a rock covered hill. So, going to the community pool was a big deal for us. I think I can see some type of life cycle happen in regards to taking trips to the pool.

As a kid, lets say 5-12 years old, acting like an idiot was perfectly acceptable. As you get older, maybe 12-18, you try to be cool and impress the all girls. Then from 18-24 you ONLY go to the pool to look at girls. Between 24-30 you try to be cool still, but start to actually swim again, get some exercise, etc. And then by 30, you really don't care and start to act like an idiot all over again. I'm guessing Senorise is about 21 or 22, so we know the real reason for his recent trip. Say hello to Wendy Peffercorn for me.

#32 Stacy Thomas


Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-1/237

Position: Defensive End

Hometown: Miami, Fla

Twitter: NA

Thoughts: Stacy has somewhat of an interesting story coming into the Cardinal program. Thomas was actually a highly touted recruit, 4 stars if you pay attention to that stuff, starting his senior year of high school. When Stacy got injured his senior year a lot of the interest fell off and a lot of schools began pursuing other players. Stacy ended up being a late commit/addition to the program as he visited the Cards and signed up February 17th. Hailing from Miami, along with what seems like half of the team, Thomas played at Gulliver Prep and appears to be a player who could make an impact in the years to come. I didn't see Stacy on the latest Depth Chart so I'm guess redshirting is still an option for him this year, especially coming in so late. I like his size and the videos I've seen are all pretty impressive. Welcome to the fold Stacy.

Sweet Tweet: No tweets for Thomas, but we have a much larger issue at hand. Beer consumption. This link covers the most recent study by the Beer Institute (yes, that is a real organization) to determine who drinks the most beer per capita. You know, one of the real hard hitting questions of our times. Surprisingly, or not, Kentucky is in the bottom five states. Why is that? More Bourbon consumption? Moonshine? You would have thought the Year of the Cardinal would have resulted in a few more downed pitchers, but what do I know. The best part of the 4:00 into the video Bertha not only references "young hipsters" but lets us in on the fact that she might enjoy beer just a tad to much.

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