CBS Says Louisville Had The Best College Sports Year


Despite an unrivaled list of achievements that you can all recite subconsciously by now, Louisville failed to rank in the top 5 of either the final Capital One Cup or Director's Cup standings.

The formula for both of the awards is complicated and stupid, so CBS decided to put together its own formula to rank the top program performances across college athletics in 2012-13. As might be expected, the much more sensible formula wound up with the mighty Cardinals of U of L at No. 1.

For our formula -- which takes into account only schools that field FBS football programs -- we weighed football three times as much, while men's basketball is worth twice as many points as the other sports that are part of the formula. General fan and media interest in those sports, relative to the others that were part of our survey, informed that part of the formula.

Alabama's national title in football was worth 300 points. Notre Dame finished 4th in the final AP poll and was awarded 240 points. Football teams that finished with a winning record or went to a bowl game, but not in the final AP Top 25, received 75 points.

Louisville's national title in men's basketball was worth 200 points. Syracuse's Final Four appearance was worth 166, Ohio State in the Elite Eight was good for 146, and so on. Teams that finished with a winning record, but did not make the NCAA tournament, were given 10 points.

Here are the final standings:

Best in College Sports 2012-13
1. Louisville 189 200 90 73 73 625
2. Oregon 270 128 0 50 64 512
3. Florida 207 146 10 25 100 488
4. Ohio State 255 146 10 0 73.5 484.5
5t. Michigan 150 180 50 0 78 458
5t. Oklahoma 180 50 64 64 100 458
7. Notre Dame 240 50 83 0 73 446
8. Alabama 300 10 0 25 85 420
9. Florida State 202.5 10 50 64 83 409.5
10. North Carolina 75 100 50 83 100 408
11. LSU 184.5 10 64 73 75 406.5
12. Texas A&M 222.75 10 50 50 64 396.75
13. Duke 75 146 73 0 100 394
Wild cards: Softball -- Texas A&M, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon; Men's lacrosse -- Duke; Women's gymnastics -- Alabama, LSU; Wrestling -- Ohio State; Women's soccer -- North Carolina, Florida State, Notre Dame; Women's gymnastics -- Florida; Men's soccer -- Louisville

As well as a
feature piece on U of L from Dennis Dodd.

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