Manliest Cardinal Football Coach?

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

During this most glorious of offseasons, I thought we could all use some virile discussion on the most masculine of Cardinal football coaches, and what better way to decide than a poll?

First the resumes:



Lee Corso:

- Cardinal football head coach from 1969-1972.

- Well known as co-host of ESPN's College Gameday.

- Once rode an elephant at a Louisville parade to get people to buy season tickets.



Howard Schnellenberger:

- Cardinal football head coach from 1985-1994.

- Was the first to lay down the law to Holier-than-Thou SEC teams with a 34-7 beatdown of Alabama in the 1991 Fiesta Bowl.

- Nicknames include "The Pipe" and "Ole' Smells of Bourbon".

- Always great for a quote; leading with the obligatory: "We are on a collision course with the national championship, the only variable is time." Also, don't try and pull a fumblerooski on "The Pipe"



John L. Smith:

- Cardinal football coach from 1998-2002

- Took us to five straight bowl games while also defeating a hurricane and Florida State in 2002.

- Carried on the tradition of Arkansas receiving our sloppy seconds. (Please chime in with any additional CV items for John L. not much else comes to mind.)

EDIT: - Additional point from the comments: He once ran with the bulls.



Bobby Petrino:

-Cardinal football coach from 2003-2006.

- Compiled a 41-9 record with the programs first BCS win against Wake Forest in '06.

- Endeared himself to Louisville fans despite an icy demeanor by HATING LBA* and famously referring to them as slapdicks.



Charlie Strong:

- Cardinal football coach from 2009-present.

- Lead your University of Louisville Fighting Cardinals to the Allstate Sugar Bowl and the second SEC beatdown on New Year's Day.

- Turned down the Tennessee job to stay here at Louisville.

Final Notes:

I only included coaches who stood out for on the field reasons (John L.) or off the field reasons (Lee Corso) so no Ron Cooper or God forbid, the other one. Also, tried to keep the resume items as only during their time here; i.e. no Bobby Petrino scandal included, but some had to be included i.e. Corso as Gameday host.

Please chime in with any relevant details for each coach, I'm probably not as knowledgeable as I should be on this subject. Tried to keep it around 3 for each coach (Couldn't help it when it came to Schnellenberger) as some had a lot less on their resume than others, at least that I could think of.

Let's not turn this into another gifsters vs. dunksters (coachsters vs. junksters? ... Sorry.) please. Vote for whoever the hell you feel like for whatever reason you feel like.

*LBA: disambiguation; ' Lexington Basketball Academy - a center for pampering high profile basketball players until they are NBA eligible with a six month stay at an all expenses paid resort.

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