The Cardinal Countdown...49 days till kickoff

#49 Jarel McGriff-Culver


Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 5-11/204

Position: Running Back

Hometown: Downers Grove, Ill

Twitter: @J_Culver

Thoughts: JMC is making the transition this season from being listed as a running back to a fullback. The title change, I believe, actually fits his mold better anyway. Jarel appeared in all thirteen games last season and the majority of the time he was a blocking back or a flyer into the flats. MC only caught one ball last year, but proved to be a solid threat/decoy on numerous occasions. His small size is a tricky matchup for a linebacker so I'll be interested to see if he becomes a bigger target as defenses start throwing more nickel coverage's at us. With the crowded backfield I like the move for McGriff-Culver and the increase in his potential impact this year.

Sweet Tweet:

Since I came at you a little aggressive with the Jay-Z comment a few days ago, just know I'm an equal opportunity music lover. Once again, agree with my Cards fam that JT is a solid artist, even if I have to give up my man card to say it. Mirrors, Tunnel Vision....come on man. Classics. And any male who says they don't do this every time they hear this song is a lying liar...


#49 Blake Ramsey


Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 5-11/185

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Christian Academy)

Twitter: @blakeramsey49

Thoughts: No pic from UofL so I grabbed this picture off the twitter account. Gotta admit, felt a little "Snowden" on that one. I know it's public but...anyway. Blake is coming to us from Christian Academy right there in Louisville Kentucky. First instinct, looks a little small to be a linebacker. The arms aren't very big, doesn't have a killer instinct Wait, what....Blake is the one on the left in the picture? Ok. That makes more sense.

In all seriousness, Blake is coming off a redshirt and will need to do work to get some time on the field. I know I sound like a broken record but we are seriously pretty deep at a lot of positions this season. Blake is a little undersized and similar to Leroy a few days ago, may be utilized on special teams when necessary. Look for the "Battering Ram" (huh?...huh? What do you think? Stupid? Damnit.) to try and make a name for himself in the next few years. Maybe he knows Hendo. That'd be pretty cool.

Sweet Tweet:

Crazy? I say wonderful. Better tell that index finger and pinky to get all warmed up. We got two more rings heading your way this coming season. Gonna have you looking like Bill Russell by the time you graduate Ramsey!

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