Future ACC football conference schedule

Get rid of divisions & give each ACC team 5 annual matchups they want to play. CG will be #1 vs #2.

Louisville playa Kentucky, Pitt, VA Tech, Virginia, Ga Tech & FSU every year. 6 games + 3 rotating conference games. For example:

Year 1 – BC, UNC, Clem
Year 2 – Wake, Cuse, NCST
Year 3 – Miami, Duke….. BC

Year 4 – UNC, Clem, Wake
Year 5 – Cuse, NCST, Miami
Year 6 – Duke….. BC, UNC

Year 7 – Clem, Wake, Cuse
Year 8 – NCST, Miami, Duke…..

Repeat. So 6 annual opponents & play 8 other ACC teams 3x every 8 years. Play Notre Dame every 3rd year for game 10 & schedule home&homes with teams liks Cincy & Indiana between ND games. add 2 home cupcakes & you got yourself a schedule.

Here’s the annual matchups for everyone else:

BC – Cuse, Pitt, Miami, Duke, Wake
Cuse – BC, Pitt, Miami, Duke, Wake

North plays each other, Pitt & Miami. Also Duke & Wake so all the crappy private schools play each other.

Pitt – Lville, VPI, Miami, Cuse, BC
Lville – Pitt, VPI, FSU, Tech, UVA

Pitt plays all BE schools. Lville plays both VA schools, Tech & FSU.

UVA – VPI, Lville, Miami, Clem, UNC
VPI – UVA, Lville, FSU, Tech, Pitt

Keeps South’s Oldest Rivalry. Both schools play a game vs a FL school & a southern school.

UNC – NCST, Duke, Wake, Clem, UVA
NCST – UNC, Duke, Wake, Clem, Tech

All the NC schools play each other. Tobacco Road & Swofford will love that. The public schools play all ACC schools.

Duke – Wake, UNC, NCST, Cuse, BC
Wake – Duke, UNC, NCST, Cuse, BC

Private schools going up north every year means good teams won’t have to play them as much.

Clem – Tech, FSU, NCST, UVA, UNC
Tech – Clem, FSU, NCST, VPI, Lville

Like UNC & NCST, Clemson plays an allACC schedule as a founding father. Tech keeps the Tech bowl & adds Lville.

FSU – Miami, VPI, Lville, Tech, Clem
Miami – FSU, UVA Pitt, Cuse, BC

FSU gets 5 annual games in the south vs FL, GA, SC, VA & KY. & the NC schools rotate in. Miami plays 3 BE schools & UVA.

35 annual games are:

14 ACC matchups:

FSU – Tech
FSU – Clem
Tech – Clem
Tech – NCST
Clem – NCST
Clem – UNC
Clem – UVA
UNC – Duke
UNC – Wake
NCST – Duke
NCST – Wake
Duke – Wake

8 BE matchups:

Miami – Pitt
Miami – Cuse
Miami – BC
VPI – Pitt
Lville – Pitt
Pitt – Cuse
Pitt – BC
Cuse – BC

13 ACC – BE matchups:

FSU -Miami
FSU – Lville
Tech – VPI
Tech – Lville
Duke – Cuse
Duke – BC
Wake – Cuse
Wake – BC
UVA – Miami
UVA – Lville
VPI – Lville

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