AAC Conference Tourney

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Apparently the Mohegan Sun, a casino in Connecticut is making a play at hosting the AAC tournament. I know we're facing this abysmal possibility for only a year, but I really hope this doesn't happen. I love casinos, and I love good times and you can bet your ass that I was in Harrah's multiple times during Sugar Bowl week... but I've always seen this whole "let's play our conference tournament at a casino" as a gimmick. Nothing against this casino or their bid for the tournament, I'm sure it's a great place, but this is whole trend is the conference admitting that basketball isn't big/important enough to draw its own crowd, which clearly isn't the case for the core group of schools in this new(isn) league.

Also, it's only a 9,500 capacity. I'm not demanding that we host this bastard, step-child of a conference tournament at a the Georgia Gorgui Dome but something with a little more flair please, that isn't half as large as our home arena for an entire conference tourney? Even though they talk about the possibility of it being held in Louisville the first year, that's not going to happen. Mike's not going to cater to a school that's jumping ship almost immediately, but I could see Hartford, Cincinnati or Memphis as viable options, especially the latter two.

I just can't take this conference seriously anymore. Take my advice American, don't fall for a gimmick when you have a solid group of basketball schools, you just don't need it. Sure, you're not going to find another Madison Square Garden and I don't really see it an economically sound decision trying to hold the tournament next door in Brooklyn, at least long term, but with Cincinnati and Memphis you have great entertainment, nightlife and gaming options for your fans if that's what your looking for.

However, I did find this interesting.

The casino, which is owned by the Mohegan tribe, has made pitches in the past to host the Big East women's tournament. But the idea was rejected by presidents of several Catholic schools, who objected to playing at a gambling venue.

So the catholic schools DIDN'T want to host it at a casino because of the gambling. This is the CHURCH we're talking about here. An institution that exists in America solely for raking in money off of 25-cent pull tabs at church picnics, and all that Jesus stuff too I guess... BUT... Drinking and Gambling, it's what Catholics do. Hell the WCC hosts their conference tourney in LAS VEGAS!!! They're ALL Catholic (except for BYU, for which I find it hilarious that it's in Las Vegas). Seriously, someone tell those snobs at Georgetown to quit turning their nose up to everything.

Anyway... Aresco, don't do it. Don't allow your leadership to continue to be the butt of every conference realignment joke. If this reservation had more sense they'd allow UConn to host a preseason invitational tournament there. I just hope we don't have to spend our one year membership at a 9,500 seat arena come conference tourney time.


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