Harrison Twins Over-rated?

I got tired of hearing how much better "The Twins" were than anybody UL had. So I decided to see for myself. I watched the Jordan Brand Classic and the Nike Hoops Summit. You can too on I have come to the conclusion that one twin is highly over-rated and the other is legit.

What Stats to Use?

I chose to watch these two games and use them for my rating process. I chose them because these are games where the competetion is legit. They are more online with the college talent they will see next year. I believe judging high school players based off stats from their high school games can be mis-leading. Not many teams have two top rated players on one team. The opposing coach probably, if at all, has one player who may be able to slow one of them down. The other will just go off. This leads to inflated stats.

Andrew Harrison

Andrew is the PG. I believe he is legit. He played very well offensively in both games. In the Jordan Brand game, he did leave his feet and then try to figure out what to Edgar Sosa....several times. He didn't make that mistake as often at the Nike Hoops game. His stat line in those two games was impressive. He averaged 12.5 points with 6.5 assists. Very nice PG work here. He only had 1.5 turnovers per game with all those assists. He shot 40% from 2, 50% from 3, and 83% from the FT line. Quality work. Defense is another animal though. The twins are both slow and they are not scary defensively at all. Andrew had two total steals and no blocked shots in two games. Overall though, Andrew Harrison will be a very nice player. Any team would be lucky to have him.

Aaron Harrison

Aaron is the SG. I believe Coach Cal only took him becasue these two came as a package deal. He is greatly over-rated. I doubt he will see the floor more than 10 minutes a game. Don't believe me? Let's look at his stats against quality competetion. This shooting guard shot 27% from 2, and 0% from 3(0-6)and only averaged 3 points per game! He had a total of 3 assists but with two turnovers. He had 0 steals and 0 blocked shots in these two games but he managed to average a foul every 5 minutes of playing time. That means he fouls out after 25 minutes of play. And let's be honest here, the refs let these guys play in these all-star games. So this foul probelm is serious. I suspect UK will play a lot of zone to hide the twins defensive weaknesses.


If you Google "Harrison twins attitudes", you will find many articles about their poor attitudes. I didn't see anything in these two games to warrant concern. But it is interesting that CBS has them as the 3rd most likely recruit(s) to be a bust. They polled 30 coaches. It seems to be a common thread among coaches and scouts that they are selfish and have poor attitudes. Other elite players have complained that they do not like playing with them. It sounds like Coach Cal will have his hands full if any of this is true.

Watch these two games and tell me if you see something different. I doubt you will have any stress about superior guard play from our blue clad friends. PG Harrison is the real deal. SG Harrison not so much. Either way, neither of them has the speed to contain Russ Smith...but who does?

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