Louisville Basketball Recruiting Rundown: May 2013

Sorry about no post in about a month in a half... hasn't been too much going on with regards to recruiting. Before we get started, Rundown Rankings will not debut in this post, but in June (here's a hint: expect JaQuan Lyle to top the list). Another note: I'll be using 24/7 sports profiles for the rundown rankings rather than Scout. Scout has the best rankings out, but at the same time, their site is outdated and vague. The 24/7 profiles have a lot of nice features that are very convienient. Here's an example:

Point Guard

My Board:




The point guard position is an interesting one: we have a few other potential options along with the already committed Quentin Snider. There's two other prospects on the board: JaQuan Lyle and Dante Exum. We'll start with Lyle.

I'd say Louisville is leading for JaQuan at the moment. I saw an interesting quote about how a school having a point man committed isn't going to change where he commits to. We've been in on JaQuan for a long time now, and he's probably priority 1 or 2 for the coaches right now. I've been pretty adamant on this for a long time: the main thing keeping Louisville from getting JaQuan is the fact that he'll probably decide sometime in the spring. Personally, I say you wait it out and roll the dice on Russell and Lyle, rather than water down your recriting class to start with in late summer, but Rick Pitino has shown in the past that the first to commit is the one who is going to get the scholarship. Isaiah Whitehead looks as though he may decide in the next few months, so that's a name to keep an eye on.

Where Exum stands with Louisville and vice versa is a bit of a murkey picture. It appears as though our main competition is going to be St. Mary's (he's Austrailian, the Matthew Dellevadova connection probably resonates well), and Indiana. Again, not sure about what's going on here, but Louisville could potentially jump into the fray here.

Shooting Guard

My Board:





Going into the summer, we've got four guys going for one spot, maybe two if we decide to take five. We already have talked about JaQuan Lyle, so the second target here is D'Angelo Russell. There's not doubts at this point about whether or not one side or the other is interested. Louisville wants D'Angelo to come back home. D'Angelo is considering Louisville. The main competition seems to be stemming from Ohio St., North Carolina, and Michigan St., with Ohio St. Seeming to be the biggest threat of the three. D'Angelo is one of the better shooters in the class, and would fit pretty well here as a two guard. I've always been a little bit skeptical of this one, but it's obvious there's interest, so we'll see how this plays out into the spring, when Russell will decide.

Isaiah Whitehead is a guy we are making a push for who could decide in the next couple months. He says that Louisville and Syracuse are on top, and that he wants to visit both. Of the four listed here, he seems the only one that will decide in the fall. I think that Syracuse is the current leader, but if he visits campus here, all bets are off. If Whitehead isn't our guy, though, it appears as though we'll be on the trail a lot longer than we're accustomed to being.

Rashad Vaughn is a name you all probably haven't heard before. He's one of, if not the top scorer in the class who is a top ten player. UK, Minnesota, and UNC are also recruiting him, and most people say he's going to UNC. Those people are also not smart, especially since it may be a whole year before he decides. I've always thought that this one was gonna be tough, and I doubt this happens. There's a long way though, and you can't count us out with all of the positive momentum.

Other shooting guards you may want to watch out for: Devin Booker (he's got a ton of big time offers and is being recruited heavily. Would be a big time uphill climb), Brandone Francis (will be a top 100 player soon, he's the Balado guy), Ahmed Hill (an IU site said we were recruiting him)

Small Forward

My Board:




Its pretty clear at this point that a second three man isn't a priority. Not much going on here. Obviously, Aaron is the top guy, being committed, Chatman is another guy were recruiting, and Lindsey is a guy we've cooled with over the last few months. Went from maybe being the favorite to not pressing to get a commitment from him at all. Seems like both sides have moved on.

Power Forward/Center

My Board:






I didn't really have enough to do one section in each position, and I'm not going to leave four positions as "not much happening right now", so I combined both PF and C into one section.

Lyles has been talked about as one of Rick Pitino's top targets ever since he decommitted from Indiana last year. The guy is a beast who dominates the paint, and can step out and hit a jumpshot as well. A lot of people think he's a lock to Kentucky, but there are some who think that he isn't, and that Louisville is in a great position alongside UK to get the top five prospect. I'd say this is UK's battle to lose, but I personally think that if they get Alexander, things may get a bit too congested at the four and five spots with Karl Towns, Marcus Lee, Cliff Alexander, and possibly Dakari Johnson back for UK. If that happens, I think there's a good chance we get Lyles. Until then, there's a chance, albeit not a great one.

Lattin is a great athlete who has a lot of interest in Louisville. Not a lot has changed in the last month. We're in good here.

Robinson is a HUGE 7'0 center out of Texas. What's crazy is that he might not even be done growing. He says he wants to visit Louisville. If he were to lose some weight, he could come here and be a lottery-type player with his size and skill. He has good hands and footwork to complement. He's got a ton of potential, and Louisville is a possible landing spot.

alexander and Okafor are probably going to be tough to get. Alexander has UK and Michigan St. out in front, and Okafor has Duke at the top of his list. I think there's a chance that we get more involved, but I think it'll be too tough to secure a commitment from either of the Chicago big men.

So, that wraps up the rundown. Here's the poll question of the month: where do you think the 2014 class will be ranked?

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