How To Watch U of L Sports With Paul Rogers' Audio


This has been talked about several times on this site, but it usually gets posted somewhere in the comments section never to be seen again.

Some fans would much rather listen to Paul Rogers' call than whomever the T.V. station is using.

First off, there is a simple solution that DOES work, but I don't recommend it.

It's a radio called Sport Sync. The problem is that it only provides ~16 seconds of delay, which is sometimes not enough. Also, the process of delaying the feed kills the audio quality. Lastly, the thing costs $60. Here's the link to it:

SportSync Radio

A better (slightly more complicated) way to do it is with a radio, a laptop, and this program.

Radio Delay Program

You're going to need a few items to make this all work, and those items could vary quite a bit depending on how your TV is setup.

Here's a list of what you'll need:

1. Laptop computer(must have standard 1/8" headphone jack and MIC or AUX input)

2. AM/FM Radio (phone/tablet with iHeartRadio should work as well)

3. Cables( is your friend)

As for the cables, you're just going to have to look at the hookups for your entertainment system whether it's just a TV, a TV with sound bar, a TV with surround sound, or something else.

Let's assume you are just running it into a standard HDTV. First, you'll need an 1/8" to 1/8" auxiliary cable. Connect one end of this cable from the headphone jack of your radio into the MIC or AUX input on the laptop.

More than likely, your TV will have RCA ins/outs in addition to HDMI and a ton of other hookups. Buy an 1/8" to Dual RCA cable and connect the 1/8" end to the headphone output of the laptop. Connect the RCA ends to your TV on the same input as whatever your cable/satellite is on.

If you're using HDMI to get your feed to the TV, you will probably have to disable the audio in your TV's menus. Otherwise, you will be hearing the actual game audio AND your delayed Paul Rogers feed. If you are using external speakers of some sort, it's even easier since you just send the radio feed to them and turn your TV volume all the way down.

You will need to mute the Line Input feed in the laptop's volume mixer so the delayed feed is the only one being sent to your speakers. Open up the program, select your ins and outs, and tell it how much you want to delay the feed. Depending on which version you download, you can get up to 180 seconds of delay. Also, it doesn't seem to affect the audio quality nearly as much as the SportSync radio.

Here's some more info about how to configure the program.

Configuring Radio Delay

Lastly, bask in the glory of watching Louisville sports with Paul Rogers on the call!

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