A Guide to A-Town from an ATLien

Greetings Fellow Chronicoids-although I am originally from Louisville (and an alum), I now call Atlanta home. I felt sort of obliged to help my peoples out on what's what and who's who in these parts.

First off, Atlanta is similar to Los Angeles. The downtown is sort of whatever and it's just a bunch of areas (Midtown, Highlands, E Atlanta, Buckhead, Perimeter, etc) connected by highways which basically make up "the city". If my plans were to drink and not worry about driving this is exactly what I would do:

1) Reserve a room within walking distance to MARTA station. It does not have to be close to the city. A 5-10 minute cab ride to the station will suffice. Choose a "safer neighborhood" (very relative term) but just make sure you're close to a MARTA station.

2) MARTA it all weekend. Basically between it and cabs, you will be fine, and at no danger of getting a DUI. MARTA runs from 6am-1:30am on weekends.

3) Now im gonna break down some areas for you:

Decatur (beautiful MARTA station right in the heart of the downtown)-Great restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Colbeh for Persian (manager {Sean} is a huge UofL fan, make sure you tell him hello). Leon's is great and so is Iberian Pig. Farm Burger serves up some of my favorite burgers in the city. But that's just a few. Most of the bars in the restaurants here are known for turning out excellent drinks. Thumb's Up Diner has got a delicious brunch.

Virginia Highlands-not too accessible by train but can cab from MARTA. Also lots of good bars and eateries here. Similar to Louisville's Bardstown road, but not as broad, in my estimation. Dark Horse is a good watering hole. I've always had a great time in Fontaine's. Don't miss Highlands Bakery's brunch, absolute wonder.

East Midtown- (MARTA (10th Street) with short cab ride) Off Crescent --Clubs, nightlife sort of situation. They will occasionally get an excellent DJ at Opera Nightclub. Otherwise it's that scene. The rest of Midtown has a decent restaurant selection for lunch or dinner. Try Escorpion for tequila.Piedmont Park is great way to spend an afternoon. Caution-if you're homophobic, be careful here! HAHA that you're homophobic!

Buckhead-(MARTA has stop here) No longer known for it's nightlife. Shopping at Lenox and Phipps. Tons of good eats but over-rated because it's primarily a business district. It still has some fringes of nightlife where Roswell Rd hits Peachtree Rd (Dive Bar). I love the Greek seafood at Kyma, just splendid. . TOMO supposedly has the best sushi but I'm not overwhelmed. Intermezzo is da spot for coffee, liquer, late nights. R Thomas-24 hour diner that is practically vegetarian. Sort of like Lynn's Paradise Cafe but not as extensive.

West Midtown-(MARTA then moderate cab ride) sort of burgeoning area, lots of interesting eatiers are on the rise, Bacopa, Miller Union, also a few cool bars in this area.

Ponce De Leon-(MARTA then moderate cab ride) Eclectic spots Well there's MJQ, probably my favorite place to party. Great vibe and music. L Bar is at the bottom of El Azteca Mexican restaurant, its sort of like a secret bar. Good music but grimey, cheap drinks. TOP FLR has a great late night menu and beats to keep you awake. Papi's also serving up the best Cuban. And then there is the old Claremont Lounge. It's a strip club but totally novelty, I'll leave it at that.

BTW if you want strip clubs, we da best son-Cheetah and Pink Pony have the finest women. But there are literally 100s in this city, crazy and girls go to them too, crazy.

Perimeter-(MARTA accessible with short cab ride) there's a more manageable mall up here and another excellent Intermezzo. You may end up here Sunday night at Loca Luna for fun b/c Sunday nights are low option evenings (it's this or Pony). If you do, expect Salsa and 'ritas.

Lastly, the Dome is accessible by MARTA. 10 minute walk. Weather should be great this weekend. Don't hang out too much by the Dome, spread that Cardinal Spirit throughout the A.

Lets do this CARDS fans! Represent Da Ville!

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