Lady Cards Live Blog -- Purdue

Welcome to my (first) Lady Cards Live Blog at Card Chronicle! I decided to give this a shot, just to get the Lady Cards some coverage -- and to see how it went. I've participated in live blogs as a commenter in the threads, but never done one during a game. So, this should be fun.

I wasn't sure I could come to the game tonight against Purdue until today, so I got my tickets late. As a result, I'm not in the $18 seats on the side. Instead, I'm in a $5 ticket on the end. The deal is, though, that I lucked into one of the boxes up in the end zones. which turns out to be really sweet for blogging. There is a counter at the front of the box, comfy chairs to sit there, and a game monitor at the end of the counter. Other than being on the end of the court, this is actually pretty damn cool.

Pause for the National Anthem ...

OK, I'm back. Typical Louisville crowd -- looks like the lower bowl is going to be basically full, but not till after the game starts. If I can figure out at halftime how to shoot a picture with the iPad I'm using to do this, and incorporate it into the post, I'll do that.

T-8:00, so I'm going to publish now. That way anyone who wants to follow along can do so. I'll update at each TV timeout.

Go Cards!


T-3:00 -- they've got both pep bands miked, and apparently the Purdue tuba player put the mic down his horn. Up here, with the center speakers essentially in my face, all I hear is belching sousaphone. If they play "Hang On, Sloopy" I may have to leave.

BTW, Purdue's pep band is about 30, and Louisville's seems to be less. But then again, Purdue doesn't have to support two teams still playing.


1st, 15:46, Louisville up 4-0 -- Cards are getting rebounds and playing mostly good D. Purdue struggling some with the pressure, as the Cards are pressing and going for steals. No one shooting too well, although Louisville has one three.

So far, Purdue not showing much except sloppy play. Crowd has mostly arrived (sides of lower bowl pretty full, ends not so much) and getting loud.


1st, 11:41, Louisville up 12-8 -- Ticky-tack fouls against Louisville. (Sound familiar?) Purdue finally scores. but Louisville only shooting 25% so far.

Sarah Hammond scores on a pretty back-door cut, then we steal the ball at the other end and Shoni scores on a step-back jumper. Purdue throws it away. First big C-A-R-D-S cheer! Louisville on a 7-0 run.

Lady Cards look at times like they've been taking lessons from CRP, Russ, and Peyton -- defense, deflections, and steals. But then they miss block-outs on two possessions and Purdue scores on put-backs right at the end of the segment.


1st, 7:27, Louisville up 16-14 -- Just for the eye test, Purdue's players look either big-slow or shorter than Louisville's players. To this point, they've stayed in the game more Louisville mistakes and inability to hit shots.

Wow -- the Purdue 5 player just clocked a Louisville player in the jaw with an elbow. The refs are still at the monitors. And it's a no-call! That's a horrible call.

We continue to miss shots -- just shooting 29%. Fortunately, Purdue is only shooting 32%. They've also shot no free throws at all, while we've hit 5 of 8.


1st, 2:27, Louisville up 31-19 -- Purdue's 5 (the one who threw the elbow) is being fronted pretty successfully by Louisville. If she gets it, though, she just turns and scores -- no one is going to stop her.

Fortunately, our shooting percentage has climbed a few points, and we're still ahead by 1 in rebounds. If we can hit some more shots, we can get some space.

They just showed CRP on the monitors, and the crowd started cheering. He looked up. saw the camera was on him, and threw up an L. Crowd went wild. Lady Cards proceeded to hit a 3 in his honor, and Purdue called a time out.

Got a rebound, raced down court, threw an excellent pass under the goal right past the big 5 -- and missed the shot. Then, on the other end, blocked the shot of the big, took it back down, and buried the shot. Then we did it again! We've gone from up 5 to up 12 in about 90 seconds. Crowd's on its feet, time-out Purdue.

Another steal, another race-out, another foul by Purdue. They've got three players with 2 each.


Halftime, Louisville 38, Purdue 23 -- We have looked quicker, more determined. Playing better defense. Here are some stats that tell the tale:

  • 3-pt field goals: Louisville 5 of 10, Purdue 1 of 6.
  • Blocks: Louisville 5, Purdue 0.
  • Steals: Louisville 8, Purdue 6.
  • Rebounds: Louisville 21, Purdue 19.
  • Free throws: Louisville 7 of 10, Purdue 2 of 2.
  • Louisville has no one with more than 1 foul; Purdue has two players with 2, and one with 3.

Looking good -- let's keep it up and make that Sweet 16!


2nd, 14:51, Louisville up 46-34 -- We start the second half with a steal, an alley oop, another steal. Just quicker.

Once again, we get some ticky-tack fouls -- 5 fouls on us in first 3 minutes. Also, Purdue has beaten us on a cut under the basket about four times; not sure who's blowing that assignment, but someone is.

Nevertheless, each time the Boilermakers start to make a run, we steal it, or get a run-out, or otherwise do something to turn off their steam. Just now, we got them in a shot-clock violation. We're just quicker.


2nd, 12:34, Louisville up 52-37 -- Got to say, this crowd is getting into it. I daresay the Purdue squad hasn't seen too many crowds like this. I'll be interested to hear the final attendance count.

Hammond and Slaughter leading the way with 14 and 16, respectively. We're up to 42% shooting, and ahead in every stat category I can see. We're the #5 seed and they're the #4, but it doesn't look like it. Still, some minutes left -- let's hope we can keep it going to the final horn.


Well, great. Purdue players takes out one of our players again, knocks her to the floor, and no call. Purdue gets a basket, closes it to 57-46, and there's 7:47 left. Keep your composure, Ladies. Let's put this away.


Schoni and Jude have both made some tough shots. They've also made some errors and thrown away the ball. We'll need more focus along with the shots in the next game.


Well, time to finish. Louisville up 70-59, 1:41 left. Purdue is out of time-outs, so just need to take care of the ball, play D, and wrap this up.


Final -- Louisville 76, Purdue 63. Louisville winds up either tied or leading in every statistical category. More importantly, the Lady Cards mostly played with effort, good defense, and focus. They were quicker, and seemed to want it more.

And to top it off, Shelby Harper (big crowd favorite) was subbed in during the last minute, and promptly scored. A great ending to a great night in the Ville!

On to the Sweet Sixteen and the OK City!

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