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So, if any of you are like me, you are having withdrawals. To the casual observer, you probably look like an addict currently devoid of whatever drug they think you are on. You're eyes are puffy from lack of sleep due to creating a personal VillenHD highlight reel in your head from the first two games over and over as you try to fall asleep or thinking about the players and possible scenarios of the impending game (Will Chane miss a key dunk? Can our team out rebound the Ducks? Could Luke actually grow a beard worthy of Duck Dynasty? WILL RICK GIVE RUSS ANOTHER HUG?!). You are shaky and constantly refreshing CardChronicle, hoping for any new content (Free drinks in Indianapolis for wearing the CCBM? LET ME READ THIS 10 TIMES!).

Work is virtually impossible; partially because work is draining, partially because you can't focus on anything not basketball related. Eating is difficult (let's be real, no it's not), colors are duller, and the spring flowers just don't smell as sweet. Your bracket is still at 39% and checking back every few minutes is not making it change.

To make myself happier, I have found myself googling quotes from Russ or watching locker room videos. I feel that this hiatus would be a prime opportunity to reflect on the great group of guys that Rick has brought in to our lives and share some of our favorite pictures, quotes, videos, etc from the past season (or however long the player has been here): partly because it would be fun, partly because it will pass the time, partly because this might just become the happiest place on the internet.

This may go over like a Darius Washington free throw but it used up about 30 minutes of my time, which means I successfully got myself 30 minutes closer to Friday. I leave you with a few of my favorite things:

Fun with Gorgui and Chane

Bunny Ears

Russ Smith Dead Lift



"When I was on Twitter as a freshman, I was ridiculous. I was using profanity, just being all-out reckless. I would tweet at such a high rate, and so recklessly, that it was just like, 'Russ has to stop.' I got in trouble from Coach P so many times. ... I was injured, not playing, so it didn't even feel like I was part of the team yet -- I didn't think it would matter what I said. But the [coaches] printed out all my Tweets and showed me how bad they were, and after that it was no Twitter allowed."

Was there a specific Tweet that was a problem, I asked?

"No, not a specific one, it was just more the volume of them. But I guess I did once tweet something like, 'Alright, I'm about to take a sh--.'"

- Russ Smith

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