A Lexingtonian's Guide to Louisville?

We are all members of our beautiful Commonwealth and since Kentucky Kicks Ass, I think we can all agree that it is better to keep it local. Including National Championships. So, Go Cards!!! (even if it pains me to say that)

While I am a University of Kentucky fan and Lexingtonian, I love the CC and the community here. Rutherford and the CCerati are unique in the sports world and, if I am to be completely honest, have no peer in the BBN.

However, it should go without saying that it has been a difficult year to be a Kentucky fan and with the influx of NCAA basketball into my city, it seemed a good opportunity to hit the road. The wife and I are planning our first trip without the kids (besides business trips) since we were married 10 years ago. And Louisville is the destination.

I have booked a room at the 21c, have a reservation at Decca, a couples massages at the spa and......

Well, that is where you guys (and gals) come in. Where should we go? I have looked at a few of the bars online and to be honest, the ones around 4th Street seem a little too young for us (while we are only in our 30's, 3 kids under the age of 7 has aged us far faster than our single brethren). Maybe I am wrong? Or right? I don't know, that is why I am asking my fellow Kentuckians.

My wife and I will be staying downtown Louisville this weekend, what should we not miss?

p.s. For those coming to Lexington:

The Lunchbox is my favorite out of the way restaurant in Lexington. It is new, quirky, awesome food and very cheap. The added benefit is that the theme is superheroes, so I get to quiz my kids on various Marvel, DC and Darkhorse characters.

If you are looking for a "nice" hotel close to Rupp that doesn't show up on Travelocity, Priceline, etc., I would call Gratz Park Inn. It is a pricey boutique hotel, but it is the only option close to Rupp besides the Hyatt and Rupp. And you won't pay that much more, but with a much more personal touch.

The best dive is Columbia's Steakhouse. It is within walking distance of Rupp and real throwback. Don't order the Diego Salad even though it is the "speciality". Order the House Salad. You will thank me for the homemade croutons alone.

Best drunk food: Goodfella's pizza for after the game. Open late, but plan on waiting in line, there is no seating, grab a slice and go. Ramsey's for the morning after (hopefully you won't need it): The entire breakfast menu is a single price and one option. Pay $9 buck and you get more food than you need.

Parking: Park at the Lexington Public Library garage. It is poorly marked but hands down the best place to park for games at Rupp without paying an arm and a leg (like $3 bucks and only 1 block away).

TL;DR: I have drank too much bourbon and tried to ask Louisville fans what to do in Louisville while they invade my city.

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