Beyond The Numbers: End Of Season Hoodoo Update


About a month ago, I started an idea in this Fanpost. I had no vision that it would pick up some popularity, so with the regular play behind us and with one foot on the Tournament Train, an update is in order.

First things, first. Uniform colors fan vote.

I made a poll in the aforementioned post, about the preference our fan base has for the jersey colors of our beloved Cardinals. We got 607 votes! My thanks go to all who participated. Here is the outcome of what you all like:

  1. WHITEOUT: 40% (243 votes)
  2. BLACK: 29% (178 votes)
  3. RED: 16% (100 votes)
  4. WHITE: 14% (86 votes)

Obviously, neither our redout jerseys nor the new, tiger-stripe, post-season uniforms were used at that time, so they were not included.

W/L per color, regular season.

So, how do you think your favorite colors fared, before tourney-time? Here is the update.




It seems that the fan favorite, the WHITEOUT, resembles the state of affairs accurately. The WHITEOUTS keep plowing, however small the sample size. In its debut, the REDOUT jersey did not disappoint either, while the BLACK uniforms got another bump.

Remember, given that we won every game since the previous update, there will be raises all around.

W/L per time of game.

Well, well, what do we have here...


9-0 at 7 PM!

Villanova is the team that, earlier in the season dealt us a loss at our one and only game that we played at 8 PM Eastern Time. And what time do we play Nova tonight? Hmmmm... I shan't say it. You all know how I feel about Jinx.

As a fallout from the initial thread, I had two other requests to look into. Tpfar requested to see whether our color jerseys affected the fouls we committed per game. cbcard had a great idea to look into whether Pitino wearing a red tie has any reflection on how the team does. I must apologize to cbcard, first. I looked into his idea. On one hand, I could not find enough, accurate evidence to back the idea. On the other hand, what I could obtain did not sway the results in any way, so I just abandoned it.

But I did look into how the colors may affect the fouls called. Here is what I found.

Fouls per color.



Perhaps we could look down the microscope and say that there is a correlation, but I think too many factors overshadow the numbers to make it real Hoodoo. For example, the RED outfit fouls are highly skewed because of the 5-OT game versus Notre Dame. You could make an overarching argument that the RED jerseys are just simply bad luck for us, I could go with that (if anything could be any worse luck for us than Joyce Center).

Also, certain games were just overall more physical, compared to others (e.g. in our loss to Villanova, both teams committed 23 fouls.)

But there you have it, make up your own mind about it.

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