Why I am not as excited as everyone else about Rozier and company next year!

Now before everyone here jumps me for saying that, I plead that you at least listen to my reasoning. I mean of course I am really 'PSYCED' for the scoring machines Rozier, Snider and Gill to get here.

But next year will mean that they will be what? Freshman! When have you ever seen Rick Pitino let a freshman just do his thing and go off and score as much, and make a human highlight video out of the other team? In my years of watching Louisville basketball , I could probably count that one one hand, and zero fingers.

I get pretty fired up everytime I see a post about 'Terry Rozier drops 68' or 'Quentin Snider lays 28 on the Harrison twins' because it makes you wonder about all of the fantastic things they can do as a Louisville Cardinal, plus having them do all this is good rebuttal ammo for UK fans when they blab qabout their recruiting class.

But when I think about these guys in a Louisville uniform, I don't see them at all making half the plays or doing any of the moves that they have done in High School that made them such a standout five star prospect. Why? Rick Pitino.

I'm not saying we should fire the guy and hire Brad Stevens(Cough) but I am saying that when Coach Pitino strikes gold like this from a standout recruit, he just overlooks them and leaves all the ball handling and ball controll to the more experienced guys.

I mean when you think about it, it is pretty smart. You dont want a freshman to take reigns over your upperclassmen guards and leave the game into a true freshmans hands, but wait it could work.

Worked pretty good for John Wall, Brandon Knight,and is working really well for Kansas' Ben Mclemore when they seem to take controll of the offense and look just like the five prospects they were when coming into college.

But it seems like everytime we get a great recruit, we watch all of his highlight videos and see all these amazing things but when they get on the court they look nothing like they were in HS.

The only time I see Rick Pitino letting his highly touted recruits take over the game and look like they did in HS, is when he has high star big men like Samardo Samuels and last year with Chane Behanan. With these five star big men we get, they are more productive and seem to shine more than the five star guards we get.

Take Wayne Blackshear for example, excellent player right? Of course he is, a few minor setbacks(lingering shoulder issues) but aside from that he has come into his own this year. Now after watching that video and watching Wayne (now in college) you dont see any of those moves to the bucket, like you see him in college. The only thing that we see from Wayne this year make wide open jumpshots, which almost any D1 player can do. We occasionally see the nice stepback once or twice but thats as exciting as Wayne Blackshear will ever be at Louisville unless he can handle the rock and slash to the cup which he is great at! With Wayne just sitting there waiting for a three point shot and making them, he is an average college basketball player. Let him play like he did in HS and he is a great college basketball player.

Kevin Ware is another example, his length, his athletisism he has everything you want in a basketball player and has all the tools that when he drives the lane he should score 90% of the time and while getting fouled. He is not a jumpshooter, he is not a floor general, he just has more aspects to his game than strictly defense.

You might belittle me and my Cardinal fanhood or memory and thats fine. But think about this, when we do get these pretty good players out of HS, we don't really see anything too outstanding from them untill their last year.

T-Will is a perfect example, sub par player his first two and a half years, then seemed to really come into his own and be the dominant force he was supposed to be in the NCAA Tournament of his Junior year, his Senior year he did fantastic. Then we get all excited about little T-Will playing great and leading our team but we then come to the realization that "Oh shit this is his last year," and then feel pressured.

Siva is the same way, really stepeed up and became the Mcdonalds All American that we wanted him to be, but at the end of his junior year. What if I told you that both T-Will and Siva (were) are both capable of being the Senior player that they are(were) back when they were freshman? Because they easily could have.

Just something to dwell over and think about as we sit back through a boring saturday while we watch Indiana and Michigan being praised as the best teams ever to ever play and Trey Burke being the best guard to touch a basketball going against Zeller who is the second coming of Karl Malone (thats what I hear when people talk about this game) I'm sick of it tho.

I just dont want to see these great guys that we get turn into average D1 players and ride the bench as our struggling offense decides how to fool a defense with a high pick and roll that we have used all game.
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