Beyond The Numbers: Late-Season Snapshot For The Superstitious


With five conference games looming up ahead, and an entire Big East Tournament as well as the NCAA Tournament to prepare, some of us hard-core Birds reach deep into our Hoodoo sacks to appease the gods of basketball and all things college.

Personally, after the three consecutive losses, my No. 21, official, Cardinals jersey is hanging inside-out, and it shall remain that way until we win the National Championship.

This post is a snapshot for the superstitious in all of us. I am hoping to make this a recurring theme. The stats guys can talk numbers all day long, but we know what true sacrifices we present on the important day.

I am taking the two dimensions that are most commonly considered when talking superstition: jersey colors, and time of play.

Plus, we all could use some comic relief, anyways.

Team Jersey Colors

We all have the favorite attire we like to see our team sporting (no, no attire does not count, for you pervbirds) . But, how do you think your favorite colors have fared thus far, for the Cardinals?

Here is the complete picture of what we wore, and the outcome.


Note: USF game was originally marked incorrectly as played in WHITE, corrected to BLACK on 02/19/2013, 12:30PM

Summary, per color.


So, perhaps the look at our white jerseys is not the best, since we played so many games in them. One thing is certain - we absolutely suck in our RED (which is coincidentally, my favorite, ugh) and we absolutely own in our brand, spanking, new WHITEOUT outfits.

Here is an isolated look at the jersey colors during Big East Conference play.


Perhaps by looking at the base white and the whiteout jersey numbers together, we seem to do better in white. Something to ponder...

Game Time

Here is the most interesting finding: we absolutely kill at 7PM Eastern Time!


Given this history above, you can take the upcoming games' starting times and make your own predictions. I shall abstain from all that, for I, as any perfectly sane Hoodoo practitioner, knows not to delve in the matters of the Jinx.

I will also see if I can re-run this once the new post-season jerseys come out.

I hope you enjoyed this venture in occult analysis. At the bottom, I will create a poll. I am curious what colors you prefer. I hope you can be objective and give what your answer would have been prior to having read this post.

Much Love...

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