Why the 2013 Football class was just as good as any under HCCS

I saw this on Cardinalauthority and thought it was good enough to repost. It was posted by jvolk.

Disclaimer: Jvolk if you read this and have an issue with me re-posting this please email me at and I will have it removed. I thought the analysis was good and worth sharing to our fanbase.

I have read on boards that their is a preception by some that believe for some reason that this years UL class is not as good as the classes Charlie has gotten in past years at UL. I can only guess it is becasue many only looked at the flawed class rankings. The true data will show you that on paper this year class including the tranfers is Charlies best at UL and even without the transfers it is just as good as last year and better than Charlies other years. I have used only the players who qualified and arrived at UL. Past classes had a few players never qualify so since they never were on the team I am not going to use them.

All of the info is from Scout only and I am sure Rivals and 247 will be a little different.

2010 4 - star 2 Only 1 played this season Butler who was not a starter (Harris injuried
3 - star 7
2 - star 11 Interesting to note 6 of these 11 started games this season

Class Avg 2.55 Stars
9 - players ranked worse than 100 @ their position

biggrinbiggrinI can remember at the time we were very excited over the change from classes under Kragthrope and the kids from that class even the 2 stars have been very important to rebuilding our program.

2011 4 - star 2 Bridewater & Parker very good but Teddy is only Miami 4 star
3 - star 14
2 - star 2
Class Avg 3.00 Stars
5 - players ranked worse than 100 @ their position

4 - Star 3 Note Only 1 K. Brown played serious minutes in 2012
3 - star 10 Burgess was the best of the Class so far
2 - star 6
Class Avg 2.84 Stars

4 - players ranked worse than 100 @ their position

5 -Star 1 2013 Transfers 4 - Star 3 ( Christian, Milton & Pike)
4 - Star 1 3 - Star 2 ( Baily & Clark)
3 - Star 11 (All 5 ranked under 100 for position)
2 - Star 3
Class Avg 3.00 Stars
2 - players ranked worse than 100 @ their positionbiggrinbiggrin

Class Avg with Transfers 3.28 Stars for 21 total new Players

The 2013 class has the fewest players ranked below 100 for their position of all Charlies classes. The the 16 HS players 3.0 star ranking ties Charlies best star avg of 2011. If it makes UK fans happy I will agree UL has 1 fewer 4 star HS player this season than last year but Ul also signed 4 fewer 2 star players. This class was very heavy in 3 stars and transfers. ANy way you cut it the transfers are 25% of this years new players and 3 of them project to play alot. You cannot simply writer them off like they don't count. because
the the recruiting services don;t count them.

I going to count the class this way including the transfers. Yes the services don't count transfers but what is the real difference between a transfer from the SEC & a transfer from a JUCO that they do count?

5 Star 1
4 Star 4
3 Star 13
2 -Star 2

21 new players on the team & the most talant Charlie has ever added in 1 year not even close. So you keep telling yourself U of L had a bad class. I will say it is very good and we can settle it on the field the next few years.

Final note- One big difference in the UL & UK classes this year are players ranked below 100 at their position. UL has 2 in 2013 the fewest under Strong. UK had 7 players out of their 22 ranked worse than 100 at their positiion. As a rule while UK had a few more 4 star players the UL 3 stars were a little higher 3 stars overall.

In the end star are just something to get excited about at signing day. UL played atleast 12- 2 star kids alot in the Sugar Bowl with Florida and the Gators may not have a 2 star on their roster other than walk-ons.

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