RoomMatz: Volume I

The newest addition to Louisville Cardinals men's basketball team introduces a new blog chronicling the first (digital) introduction to his teammatz.

Hello der,

It's me, Matz!

I am so very excited to become a member of The Louisville University basketball club and move to America!! It has always been a long dream of mine to go to American University since I saw biography on Mr. Van Wilder B ) !

The most excitingest part of everything has to be all of the friends I am about to make and the chance to live with all of my very best of friends in the Mr. Billy Minardi Hall 8 P

Mr. Rick has given me the AIM screen names of all of the Cardinal Men's U-23 team who will be my roommates next year!!

I will keep this very live blog of all of the talks I have with my new friends! I am to call it RoomMatz!!!


Have the best of reads. I can not wait to meet you all!

MatzCanBall44: hello Mr. Stephen, it's me, Matz!

LawNOrderSVT: Matz?

MatzCanBall44: Yes, Matz Stockman!!! I am to be a Louisville Cardinal next year! Mr. Rick gave me your SN. I hope that is alright lol

LawNOrderSVT: Oh, hey bro. What's up?

MatzCanBall44: I am making my plans for the coming year and I am looking to find the best of places to get my haircut in a very similar fashion to the style you have worn this year. It is very Vanilla Ice.

LawNOrderSVT: Thanks?

MatzCanBall44: Yes. I have printed out this picture which I hand to my mother when she cuts my hair. Mother has not been able to make the fashion because the bowl is in the way. call

MatzCanBall44: I have returned Mr. Stephen! I would like to once again ask how you get your hair in the fashion you do?

LawNOrderSVT: Well, all of us get our hair cut at Campus Cutz. It's right by the dorms.

MatzCanBall44: Ohhhhhh! Do you ride your bike there!?

LawNOrderSVT: No...

MatzCanBall44: I will hope that when I arrive we can go there together to get our hair styled?

LawNOrderSVT: Actually, my eligibility is up after this year. I'll be graduating.

MatzCanBall44: OMG Congratulations! But that is very sad news. :' /

LawNOrderSVT: Thanks man. You'll be cool.

MatzCanBall44: I will try very hard to be kewl.

MatzCanBall44: I must now wonder if I will have the opportunity to wear the very sought after #44 for my Louisville University basketball jersey???

LawNOrderSVT: I'm sure you can.

MatzCanBall44: Would you please ask Mr. Rick for me. That would be the finest honor.

LawNOrderSVT: I'm sure it won't be an issue.

MatzCanBall44: I must call Mr. Rick now and talk to him about the #44 jersey.

MatzCanBall44: I'll message you tomorrow Mr. Stephen! Please add me your buddy list!!
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