Current football Cards and the UofL record books

Now that the 2013 season is in the books we can step back, enjoy the spoils, and reflect on only the second 12 win season in the history of Louisville football. Rare air indeed. One area that's always fun to look at is individual achievement and the all-time UofL record books. We had a few guys move up various lists this season. I'm also including our head coach at the end as he's surpassed some interesting plateaus himself.

Teddy Bridgewater
  • The safe assumption here is that Theodore's Louisville career is done. Long story short: if he returns for a healthy senior campaign he'll own just about every passing record in the books.
  • Teddy broke the single season mark for passing touchdowns in a season with 31 (Brian Brohm with 30 in 2007) and finished 3rd for passing yards in a single season with 3,970 (Chris Redman for 1st with 4,024 in 1998).
  • Bridgewater finishes 1st in career completion percentage (68.4%), 1st in career passing efficiency (just trust me on this one), 3rd in career TDs with 72 (Redman 84), and 3rd in career passing yards with 9,817 (Redman 12,541).

Marcus Smith

  • Smith's 14.5 sacks in 2013 was good for 4th ever in a single season at UofL. Elvis Dumervil holds the seemingly unbreakable record of 20.5 in 2005.
  • Smith finishes his career with 24 total sacks, good for 7th all-time. Dewayne White is the record holder with 37.5 career sacks. Amazing to note in Smith's numbers is that he had zero sacks his freshman year and as has been well documented, began his career here as a quarterback.
DeVante Parker
  • Parker tied the single season record (Ibn Green in 1998) with 12 receiving touchdowns. He also nudged Green in that same season for 10th in receiving yards for a single season with 885.
  • DeVante currently sits 3rd all-time in career receiving TDs with 28 (Ibn Green leads with 33) and 10th all-time in receiving yards with 1,920. Should Parker return for his senior season and duplicate his 2013 numbers he'd finish 1st in career TDs (by a wide margin) and 4th in career yardage.
Charlie Strong

  • Most notable in my eyes: Charlie is now the first/only coach in Louisville history to win three bowl games. He's one of four coaches to reach multiple bowl games (Schnellenberger 2-0, John L. Smith 1-4, Petrino 2-2) and the only one of those coaches, at 3-1, to have a true winning record in bowl games up to this point.
  • At 37 victories Strong is now 5th all-time in total wins. Next year he should pass Petrino and JLS (both with 41 wins) for 3rd overall. Schnelly has 54 with Frank Camp leading the pack by miles at 118.
  • Strong, to this point, is 3rd all-time in overall winning percentage at .712 behind Petrino (.820) and Lee Corso (.717). With all due respect to Lester Larson I'm not including his .800 percentage over 10 games from 1912-1913.
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