Remembering the Good Times of Pre-Suspension Akoy Agau

As mostly everyone who reads the Chron, I'm calling it that, knows, Akoy Agau has been indefinitely suspended. Rick Pitino said that he could return in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years. Since I am the sentimental type, I thought it would be a great idea to relive the life and times of a pre-suspension Akoy Agau.

Cue "Leave the Memories Alone" as you start to read the following. All of the images are courtesy of Watch ESPN. Their archives are doing the lord's work.

There was that time against Charleston when Agau rebounded that missed free throw and handed it back to the official.


It was a nice gesture.

There was that time against Cornell when he watched Wayne dunk from the elbow.


There was that time when he stood near when Wayne was called for a foul against Fairfield.


Got that full name on tv. Or the internet since that game wasn't on tv.

There were good times too. Like the time against Southern Mississippi where he picked up his first rebound:


Blocked his first shot:


Then blocked his second shot:


But he also had his first turnover:


He learned from that mistake every well because he hasn't turned the ball over since.

Agau had moments that took our breath away. Like his first offensive rebound against UMKC.


Get up, 22.

As if showing off, he blocked a shot on the other end.


After building up weeks of tension, Akoy Agau finally said 'GIMME BUCKETS!" as he scored his first career points.


Agau was a well rounded player, which you can see here with his first assist.


Passing out of a double team 101. That's basketball IQ, folks.

It wasn't all roses. Take a look at this.


Why does that guy in the red look so weird under the basket? Agau fouled him. He fouled because he is human, just like all of us. The cameraman was so surprised Agau fouled that they showed Luke Hancock the entire time and Valvano and Drew blamed him for the foul.

In his final game, Agau showed off his athleticism by doing this:


dramatically saving the ball from going out of bounds. It didn't work out well because he threw it to Missouri State, but his last act as a Cardinal was this save.

While Akoy Agau is suspended for however long it lasts, remember these good times to get you through your Akoy Agau withdraw. We'll always have the time he clapped.


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