RoomMatz Volume II: Stockman and Mangok

I have received the kindest words from all of you and I am so very pleased to bring you another edition of RoomMatz.

In my first conversation, I had the extreme privilege of chatting with Mr. Stephen who wears the #44, but might talk to Mr. Rick for me about letting me wear it next year!

Today, I reached out to Mr. Mangok, who I had to have a very hard conversation with about something that has given me the most restless nights.

I hope the Louisville University Basketball team has the MOST continued success tonight!!

MatzCanBall44: Mr. Mangok, it is me Matz Stockman!

WILDThiang12: G’day Mate!

MatzCanBall44: I must congratulate you on being named American Athletic Conference Rookie of the Week. You are very much the inspiration!

MatzCanBall44: Mr. Mangok came in like a wrecking ball LOL


WILDThiang12: Right on ya, Matz.

MatzCanBall44: Mr. Mangok, my feelings have been hurt very much and there is something I must have conversation with you about.

WILDThiang12: On with it then

MatzCanBall44: Why did I never receive an invitation to your club!?!

WILDThiang12: What club are you addressing, mate?

MatzCanBall44: The IMG – International Modeling Giants!!!!


MatzCanBall44: It is just...I have done a lot of the basketball and I have a very high sense of fashion and I very much want to be a part of this most exclusive organization.

WILDThiang12: Hold on there mate, I got to be running to the dunnie, but you have got it all wrong. BRB

MatzCanBall44: I know what it must be!!!

MatzCanBall44: I have seen your most stylish eyewear.


MatzCanBall44: I read on the World Wide Web they were invented by Mr. Demarcus Cousins of the National Basketball Association. He is just the biggest kid! B P

MatzCanBall44: Now Mr. Mangok and I are very much like Cousins!


MatzCanBall44: We make great duo. Stockman and Mangok!

WILDThiang12: I got to be getting on my way, mate.

MatzCanBall44: WAIT!!! I must ask you about bed size in Mr. Billy Minardi Hall.

MatzCanBall44: INEEDA size for my sheets from IKEA Mr. Mangok!!!!

MatzCanBall44: It has been great pleasure talking with you. We will be the very best of friends when I arrive at the Louisville University. Add me to your buddy list!!!!!

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