Rick Pitino Discusses Pitbull (And Less Important Things)

Rick Pitino recently sat down for a lengthy Q&A session, the results of which appear in this month's edition of Louisville Magazine.

Pitino discussed a myriad of topics, including social media's effect on America's youth, how he worries about Chane Behanan on weekend nights, and how he used a relationship with Al Pacino to impress his wife.

More important than any of that, however, is the following back-and-forth concerning Pitino's affection for Pitbull, which may be the best thing to appear in print this year.

You've mentioned Putbull a few times? Who is Pitbull? Is he a DJ?

"Armando Christian Perez. You've never listened to Pit.....You HAVE listened to Pitbull; you just don't know you have."

I'm a classical-music guy, so I don't think I've listened to Pitbull.

"Yea, you have. You have listened to him, though. I have him in my iPod."

Kamenish: I've never heard of him either.

"You've never heard of Pitbull? You both have. You just don't know it."

You've tossed his name out in a press conference, and I didn't want to interrupt to ask.

(Pitino plays a Pitbull song on his iPhone. As the song blares, Kamenish notices from Pitino's office window Cardinals forward Montrezl Harrell with a girlfriend. "That's Patrick Ewing's daughter," Pitino says. Then he cues up another Pitbull song.)

Do the players think you're hip?

"Pitbull's more of the Miami scene. He's Cuban-American, and he's a rapper. Maybe the biggest one today."

(He selects another Pitbull song.)

OK, you've answered my question on him.

"I just want to make sure you know who he is.....He's coming to a game this year."

Are you going to sing with him? Are you going to wear your famous white suit?

"Not to that game. My son and I met him backstage, and he was the most regular guy. Just a great guy. He was so over-the-top nice."

The interview isn't available online, but the whole thing is worth your time if you're in the neighborhood of a Louisville Magazine.

Once again, Louisville Rick is the absolute best Rick.



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