Don’t get caught on the Hedonic Treadmill

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Let’s start this off with two things we all agree on:

1) We all want to see Louisville repeat as National Champions in 2014

2) UK fans are jerks

Losing sucks. It’s no fun. If you live in Louisville, you also have to deal with the UK fan that lives down the street, sits across the aisle from you in class, or hangs out by the water cooler at work. Don’t pay any attention to that guy. He’s a jerk.

Instead, Pity him. It’s not his fault.

Rooting for the University of Kentucky or University of Louisville has nothing to do with where you attended college. What kind of flip-flopper doesn’t decide which team he roots for until he’s 18? If anything, the team you root for determines which college you attend.

With the exception of the one or two guys we knew who rooted for UL during childhood, went to UK,and then switched allegiances (tell me you weren’t glad when you heard that guy's girlfriend fellated a football player in the back of a Landrover- amiright?), fandom is set in stone way before that. In some cases, before we were born.

You know why most UK fans are jerks? Because their fathers root for UK and their fathers are jerks. It runs in families.

When I think of a UK fan, I think of an entitled prick. He believes UK deserves to win every single game.


Because when basketball was a country club sport, they did win every game and it turned his grandpa into a prick.

Be Honest: Last season, how many of you said, "I don’t care if we ever win a basketball game again, I just want to win a National Championship?"


When we won, how many of you burned a couch…whoops, wrong team- how many of you celebrated pantsless in ecstasy for 4 days, didn’t go to work, got fired, and didn’t care?


How many of you hated life on Sunday like we hadn’t just won a championship? (Be honest)

That’s the hedonic treadmill. No matter what your goals are, once you achieve them, you want more. You’re on a treadmill chasing goals that keep moving- keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. You’re happy for bit, sure, but then you slide back into the same old patterns. Instead of 27 years between championships feeling like an awfully long time, 7 months starts feeling like an awfully long time. When Luke misses a shot, instead of thinking "Remember when he made 4 in a row and single handedly brought us back into the championship game?" you think, "George Mason transfer never had D1 skills." When Chane takes a power dribble, instead of thinking "Remember when he got 4 offensive rebounds and scored while giving a piggy back ride to that Michigan player?" you think, "Shoulda been in the gym practicing fundamentals rather than having weed parties and chasing hookers all summer."

This is why I’m going to call you a jerk the next time you criticize a Louisville player. I’m not one for name calling (Full Disclosure: calling jerks jerks is my #1 all-time favorite pastime. I’m an artist. Calling people jerks is my medium), but I do it because I care.

I want you to avoid the hedonic treadmill. I don’t want you to turn into an entitled prick. I want you to remember that basketball is a team sport, and Chane, Wayne, Luke, Russ, SVT, Ware, Trezl, and Hendo brought something back to Louisville that we had been waiting for for 27 years.

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