This Week in the AAC

Hey everyone, it's back. I know you have all been starving for weekly insight into the football ongoings in the American. Fret no more.


7:30 PM Rutgers 17, #18 UCF 41
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12:00 PM Cincinnati @ Houston
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12:00 PM Memphis @ #21 Louisville ESPN 3 Preview " Tickets "
7:00 PM Southern Methodist @ South Florida ESPN 3 Tickets "
7:00 PM Connecticut @ Temple ESPN 3 Tickets "

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The ESPNEWS Game of the Century: Cincinnati @ Houston. In probably the biggest and best matchup that ESPNEWS has ever broadcast, 7-3 Houston hosts 8-2 Cincinnati. This is the penultimate regular season game for both squads and actually should be an entertaining one. Houston's defense has been surprisingly good of late, and Cincy's offense got healthy against Rutgers. Expect this one to go down to the wire. Houston might be a bit banged up after back-to-back games against the top 2 teams in the AAC. Their schedule was a tad unfair.

Game with best chance for a fight: Memphis @ Louisville. The year was 1992. I searched and cannot find a decent write up or video of the fight. Needless to say, it was brutal and awesome. Those Schnelly teams didn't back down from anyone. Winning the game on a blocked punt was also fun to witness. In looking for a clip or some kind of evidence that this fight occurred, I came across this JBowen classic highlight video of the 1990 Season. We beat Memphis that year, too.

Game that pissed everyone off: Rutgers @ UCF. The Golden Knights stick in my craw something fierce. To be honest UCF is such a mirror image of us, it's sickening. And the thing is, the more they win, the better that loss looks, and the more it stings. But we'll still be behind teams that lost to unranked Utah, unranked West Virginia, borderline-ranked Texas and borderline-ranked Notre Dame. Our lone loss this year will be by 3 points to an 11-1 team that played a perfect quarter of football and is 3 points away themselves from being unbeaten. So much craw-sticking right now. I'm holding out hope for a USF-SMU daily double collapse for UCF in the upcoming Abbreviation Bowls, but it's not likely to happen. Also, Rutgers sucks.

My Picks:

UCF over Rutgers by 24, with Rutgers kicking a late FG to pull within 24.

Cincinnati over Houston by 2.

Memphis under Louisville by 21.

USF over SMU by 3.

Temple over UConn by 10.

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