CCBMM 7: Help Teddy and the Seniors Beat Memphis

Well folks, this is it. This will likely be your last chance to get up close and personal with some of your favorite Louisville Cardinals of all time, most notably, Teddy Bridgewater. This Saturday at Noon, the CARDS will take on the much-hated but also much-not-very-good-at-football Memphis Tigers.

While it is likely to be relatively chilly and early for a Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the March, tradition is tradition, even moderately creepy ones. It is the last opportunity to see many of your favorite defensive and offensive players performing at home in the Red and Black, and we want to do everything we can to get them ready to rock this last home game of the season. For Six games now, many individuals have come together to create something bigger than themselves. They have created a tradition. You have created a tradition. You are aware that at every home game, a tremendous group of dedicated Cardinals fans don the CCBM and honor the dedication this football team and coaching staff has shown by being dedicated to the creepiest most impressive tradition in college athletics. If you have not attended one yet, this is your chance to do so, so you can say you were there the first season of this tradition. You are a part of this group. Get your CCBM and be there.

At the last CCBMM, we had an outstanding number of CCBM's for the March to the March. My mom even helped make some memories for the group by taking my phone and using it as a camera for the purpose of still-time-moment-capturing. Here is a picture off the group in the tunnel just before the M to the M began.


This Saturday, the game starts at Noon. With Card March starting at 9:45, that means the Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the March will begin just after 9:30. I understand it is early, and it will be somewhat chilly, but this is the last opportunity to make a statement at home, not only to our team and the players on it, but also to Coach Charlie Strong and his coaching staff (yes, even Wat if the opportunity to speak your mind to him will make you show up). Show Charlie that we are proud of his and this teams accomplishments. Keep Coach Strong Around! You have a say in this. We will meet where we always meet, at the stadium side of the tunnel where the old Card March used to happen. Over the last few marches, the loyal CCBMMarchers have met and been joined by Louisville celebrities such as Bloggin' HOFNCHCRJFBP, Star from this season of Television's The Voice, Olivia Henken , and most recently, Louisville Basketball Super-Star Beau Zach Smith1455107_10100802468438994_822779459_n_medium1424374_10100802468429014_1084714313_n_medium 1422432_10100807830603174_738002734_n_medium. Who knows what will happen or who will join the cause this final week. All I know is we need you to join us to make this a success.

Here are some live action shots from the most recent March to the March:



Here is a stat that you may find interesting. Louisville has not won on Senior Day in its last 5 attempts. You have the opportunity to keep it from making it 6. This is the final home game and our last opportunity to make it the greatest Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the March in the creepy awesome history of the first year of the tradition. I should be there around 8am or 8:30 and will again reserve our spot in the Bird Cage right at the main entrance to the stadium. Get to the tunnel early and enjoy the opportunity to talk UofL Sports with other Card Chroniclers without having to type it. This is senior day, so this is going to have to be the biggest CCBMM of the year. You really do have the opportunity to positively impact the team as they head into the stadium. You can do it. Please join this cause. I will see you at the tunnel before 9:30. This is going to be great. Go CARDS!!! Go Year 1 of the CCBMM Tradition!

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