Is it time to talk about Louisville?

Please do me the favor of reading this... I'll wait.

So let's get this straight, I am not one to play the whole "ESPN is against Louisville" card, but I have seen an abnormal absence of articles, or even mentions for that matter, about last seasons NCAA National Champions. It is quite ridiculous at this point. Today was the last straw in my silence of this subject when I see that the link to this Dana O'Neil article reads, "remember Louisville?"

I am bringing this up for no other reason than to talk about this absence of NC champion talk with like-minded individuals because I, truthfully, don't have too many other people to talk about it with (as depressing as that may be). It is beyond appalling that this one of the first mentions of us this season other than the off the court BS.

This team has returned everyone from 2012-2013 NCAA National Championship team except two players. The largest question mark coming into this season was "can Chris Jones fill the Peyton Siva void?" I'd say the answer to this question, "yes he can, he could potentially be better than his predecessor ", carries more weight at this point in the season than keeping up with the "theme" which will play out over a larger amount of time. It seems like they are going down the same route of as last season, with teams like Arizona, UCLA, and Kentucky who were all extremely talented (not too mention highly ranked) but flamed out before the end of the season. What they have failed to acknowledge is that this Louisville team looks better than all those teams at this point, and can still fit into their narrative that if they can continue to improve, they will be a downright scary team.

This is team with a ridiculous amount of Final Four and NC experience, not to mention seasoned talent to go along with young talent. Mrs. O'Niel stated that:

... they don’t fit the season’s themes. And they aren’t sexy. And aside from the off-court drama, they aren’t overly compelling.

What Louisville is, however, is good -- very good, in fact -- and the Cards also own that big fat championship trophy, so what will it take to start talking about them?

I guess my question is that if a team that turns other teams over almost as much as they did last season (which was a ridiculous amount), takes care of the ball way better than last season, has a better offense at this point in the season, is more talented than last seasons National Championship team, and is blowing teams out with every opportunity they have been given; how is this Louisville team not sexy or compelling? How can you not talk about them?

I'll go ahead and answer the former question. This team is sexy as hell. It could be one of HOFCRP's best, which is extremely compelling. It has been time to talk about them since they won the National Championship. And as for an answer to the "remember Louisville?" question ESPN seems to have for the nation:

I don't know how they could have forgotten.

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